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Be the most stylish girl in any room without spending a fortune! Budget Fashionista has a long history of providing fashion-minded women with budget fashion advice and style trends — for looking and feeling beautiful.

We love the trends, even if we don’t chase them. We love to watch what’s coming off the runways and into the stores. And then we can get creative about incorporating those fresh new styles into the rotation without breaking the bank. Take that fashion and style journey with us!

Seasonal and Celebrity Style Trends

Need something super specific? We have you covered! See our spring/summer trends posts and our fall/winter trends posts.

You can also check what’s happening with accessories and our look for less celebrity style advice.

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Fashion Police: Dos and Don’ts of Las Vegas Fashion

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The infamous phrase conjures images of crazy party nights and chaos — stuff you’d only participate in when you’re away from home. All that craziness tends to...
Woman wearing high-waisted, baggy jeans

Mom Jeans! You Can Wear Them & Here’s How

So-called “mom” jeans tend to have a bad rap. But why? There is nothing wrong with a pair of jeans that are comfortable, flattering and easy to wear with just about anything. The beauty...
Girl wearing 70s style clothes sitting on VW bug

70’s Style is Back — Here’s How to Wear it Now

The 1970s are back, y’all! If everything old is new again, this is one resurgence we welcome back with open arms. Who can resist a little retro, feel-good flair to liven up the old...
Close up of a wood watch

10 Ultra Chic Wood Watch Outfit Ideas

Thank you to Jord Watches for collaborating and providing the Fieldcrest wood watch featured in this post. I know you’ve seen them: wood watches have been dazzling the wrists of stylish people since 2016....
Woman in office wearing patterned work dress

Professional Chic: 5 Dresses To Wear to Work

For many of us, the office is like the gym. We don’t always want to go, but pressing on anyway is often rewarded with a glow of satisfaction for a job well done. There’s...
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Health and Wellness Trends In 2019

Health is wealth, as they say. That must be why health and wellness trends cycle as much as fashion trends do. From acai berries to Zumba class, we have no shortage of health/weight loss/fitness...
Ashley Graham at GlamouAshley Graham at Glamour Woman of the Yearr Woman of the Year

5 Plus Size Style Icons We Love

In need of some fresh sartorial inspiration? One of the best ways to get motivated about stepping into new looks is to see them on body types like your own. With that in mind,...
Older woman sitting outside on bench

Spring Styles for Women Over 60 — All Under $100

Spring is a tricky season for fashion. There are days that tease you with warmth and sunshine and the promise of summer ahead. And then there are the other days, when the cool breeze...
Close up of woman wearing neon strap up sandals

10 Spring Shoe Trends to Style Up Your Wardrobe

Thank you to FSJ Shoes for sponsoring this post about spring shoe trends. All opinions are my own. Clothing designers do their best to keep things interesting, season after season. This time around, they’re...
Target spring accessories: girl shopping sunglasses in store

Target Run: Cheap Accessories for Spring

It’s hard to imagine a world without Target, or Tarjay as us old-timers like to say. Sure, we remember the days when no store could mingle fashion and toilet bowl cleaner quite so well....
Three women wearing chic clothes from walmart

5 Pieces You Won’t Believe Are From Walmart

Shopping at Walmart is absolutely essential for some things. There’s no better place to snag beauty products, household essentials, and snacks on the cheap. But Walmart fashion — is that even a thing? True,...
Woman wearing striped shirt with jeans

Easy Chic — Tops Under $50 to Wear With Jeans

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s a great top to go with a comfortable pair of jeans. The combo makes for an easy and versatile outfit, and lets us get maximum value...
Leather look plus size pencil skirt

The Plus-Size Garment Every Curvy Girl Needs

Long one of the most polished and elegant pieces in women’s fashion history, the pencil skirt has always been relevant. Part of its charm is in its versatility and ability to flatter any figure....
Fashion and Style Trends 2

How to Wear Ankle Booties According to Instagram

It could easily be one of the most stylish and enduring options to enter the fray in years. The world of women’s footwear is nothing if not creative, but few have earned props for...
ZARA shoe on wooden floor

Get Instant Spring Style with These 10 Zara Picks Under $100

If you’re known in your various circles for the embarrassing number of Zara orders you place every month, you’re in good company here. It’s understandable given the fast fashion retailer’s penchant for producing chic...
Stylish woman wearing a fanny pack

Baby Got Pack! The Cutest Fanny Packs (on a Budget)

So, the fanny pack. At one time, the fanny pack signaled excessive practicality, and not in a good way. But no more. You can thank designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors for...
Fashion and Style Trends 3

Spring Jewelry Trends: Which to Wear & Which to Ignore

Fashion designers will have you wearing 12-inch dangling earrings and thick charms this season, but I’m taking a different approach. Frankly, I’m over the heavy jewelry look. I don’t care much that Valentino models...
Neon yellow shoes and fuscia handbag

Neon Invasion: Pieces You Can Actually Wear

Neon is one of spring’s brightest and most adventurous trends. Thankfully, today’s neon is more sophisticated and less in-your-face than it used to be. (We’re looking at you, sweatshirts, bike shorts and Jazzercise apparel...
Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, with Gigi wearing tie-dye

Tie-Dye Is Back: Here’s How to Wear It

What is this, the sixties? The seventies? The eighties? It’s all so groovy and rad and unexpected, but tie-dye — that largely celebrated pattern of decades past — is back in a big way...
Girl dressed in spring transition outfit

Make a Smooth Spring Transition With These Key Pieces

For some, spring is the most wonderful time of the year — and possibly also the most sartorially challenging. In the midst of making plans for a spring getaway and tidying up the house...
Close up of black cowboy boots

How to Wear Trendy Cowboy Boots

Considering cowboy boots were just about everywhere during New York Fashion Week for S/S 2019, it only makes sense that we’re watching these classic shoes with renewed interest. Can anyone pull them off, or...
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