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How to Wear Oxford Shoes

The essential Oxford shoe. It is fashion magic cluster of intellect, charm, chic, feminine and masculine rolled into one.

The Oxford shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland and then made its way into men’s wardrobes here in the US. In more recent years, girls are getting in on the Oxford shoe game. The market has, of course, responded to the interest with more styles, fits and sizes for women.

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Reasons to Love Oxford Shoes

  • Oxfords deliver an instant classy charm. They can also turn an otherwise-basic outfit into geek-chic or masculine-chic all on their own.
  • The women’s Oxford is perfect transition shoe for the fall season. They pair easily with summer dresses (geek chic) or trousers and a light sweater (masculine-chic).
  • Team an Oxford shoe with tights and a short skirt, and your legs will look longer and slimmer.
  • The Oxford’s low color contrast makes the shoe very versatile.

8 Oxford Shoe Outfits to Copy

Let’s take a look at our favorite Oxford shoe outfits.

With Shorts and Tights

oxford with shorts and tights
Sofia wears the Oxford with a couple of great fall trends and transitions — the scarf and tights underneath shorts.

With a Maxi Skirt

Girl wearing oxford shoe with maxi skirt
Lisa wears orange Oxfords to update a summer maxi skirt. Fabulous!

With Tights and Short Dress

Taylor Swift wearing oxford shoe
Taylor Swift looks perfect for fall in Oxfords, tights and a mid-thigh dress.

With Thigh-High Socks

Girl wearing dress, thigh-high socks and Oxford shoes
Sarah wears Oxfords with knee high socks, a mid thigh dress and a cardigan for a sexy school girl look.

With a Midi Dress

Funeka wearing collared dress and oxford shoes
Funeka rocks Oxfords in a subdued tone with a calf length, collared dress and looks amazing.

With Moto Jacket and Jeans

Girl wearing Oxford shoes and moto jacket
This fashionista looks amazing in Oxfords paired with a non-traditional leather jacket and dark jeans.

With Distressed Denim

Girl wearing ripped denim and oxford shoes
We love this: pair the classy Oxford with the rock and roll of ripped skinny jeans and a basic tee, and you have chic casual perfection.

With Sweater and Rolled Jeans

Sweater and oxford shoes outfit
Gorgeous fall outfit: Oxfords with skinny jeans rolled at ankle, a collared shirt with oversized sweater and hair piled into bun.

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