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Uggs! A Case for the Brand We Love to Hate — Plus What Celebs Think About Uggs

Ask almost anyone what she thinks about Uggs and she’ll either say, “I love Uggs” or “I hate Uggs.” The fur-lined boot has endured decades of both criticism and compliments — while expanding the product line to include something for almost everyone. naysayers argue the brand lacks style, sophistication, and maturity. But still they pop up on the feet of celebs and independent-minded style diva (plus too many teens who unfortunately pair them with shorts or sweats).

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So, what is the mystique of this fur-lined boot brand? Here’s my take.

I Love Uggs and Here’s Why

1. Uggs are warm.

After being born and raised in Southern California, I moved to the Midwest in my 40s. Winter is not a thing I’ll ever get used to. But my Uggs, worn over a pair of wool socks, is about the best antidote for winter chills. Disclosure: my sheepskin-lined boots are actually Bearpaws, an Ugg knock-off.

Ugg boots with a pile of sweaters. I love Uggs!

2. Uggs look great with skinny jeans.

I love Uggs with skinny jeans. The sleek leg balances out the bulky footwear. A few Ugg combos I’d avoid: Uggs with sweats (you look like a military trooper), Uggs with shorts (are you hot or cold?), and Uggs with skirts (just, no).

3. Uggs have something for everyone.

If you don’t love a thick boot or you live in a warm climate, you could try an Ugg slipper. I don’t have a pair myself, but they certainly look appealing. I mean, they’re soft, cozy, indulgent — the perfect post-mani footwear, really.

4. You don’t have to pay full price.

Uggs pricing isn’t as rigid as, say, pricing on an iPhone. You do have options if you want to skip the hefty price tag. For one, you can look at the Koolaburra by Ugg line which has a lower price point. You could also invest in an Ugg copycat — that was my strategy. Or, you can find discounted Uggs at the Ugg outlets and select retailers.

5. Uggs are rugged.

I ride my horse six days a week. In the winter, I trudge over to the barn wearing my Bearpaw boots. I’ve worn them to horse shows, too. And they’ve held up strong for three years running. And when they get dirty, I wipe them off. All around, they’re pretty low maintenance.

Quotes from Others Who Love Uggs

As soon as that was kind of green-lit, it became very obvious to me what I wanted to do and it was an instinctive reaction to my relationship with how I wear my Ugg boots. Which is in London and in New York, I wear them as soon as I get in basically.

Alexa Chung

I’m looking forward to back to my house and my Ugg boots and not washing sometimes, and getting back to writing.

E.L. James

The best way [to survive] the red carpet is by wearing Ugg boots. But unfortunately, I have not yet managed to persuade the people who style me at these times to let me do that.

Emma Thompson

My style during the day is very casual – boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, Converse, Uggs, whatever. At night, I love heels and thigh-highs, I like something fresh and new, and I’m not afraid to push the envelope.

Katie Cassidy

I’ve held onto Ugg boots. I will never graduate to Crocs, but Ugg boots are always and forever. That’s my fashion stepchild.

Johnny Weir

I have lots of shoes, but I have to be comfortable. Lately, I’ve stolen my husband’s big, ugly Uggs to wear around the kitchen. I want to have them on, then slide into a fabulous heel later. Truth is, I often forget the heel.

Debi Mazar

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