The Case for UGG Boots

There are as many opinions about wearing Uggs as there are styles and options for the Australian-based fur-lined boot. But with something for everyone, it’s practically impossible to succumb to the naysayers. Plus, these days Ugg is more than just a clompy post-surf pair of feet warmers. Here’s why you should love Ugg boots.

Reasons to Love Ugg Boots

Why We Love Ugg Boots

“The Cozy-Shuffle” Line


Right in time for winter, all the looks that fall in to this category are fur-lined and below on your feet after a long day in the surf, on the slope, or simply any other time you want to be warm. This year, I’m obsessed with the slippers. While pricey, they are long-lasting and totally worth it. Check out the Ansley ($100).

Now Makes Sandals

UGG Fluffie

For all those who live in warmer parts of the world, check out the Ugg sandals. Still with your favorite fur-bottom, these toe-bearing flips are cozy without being stifling. Grab the Fluffie for just $50.

Got Height

Ugg Boots

I won’t lie, the classic Ugg boot really does a number on the apparent “length” of  the leg. Give all this up while keeping the Ugg feel by going for the Dandylion (albeit a tad pricey).

And the best addition – Uggs By You. Here, you can customize your kicks (coming soon)!

Do you have other reasons to love ugg boots? Let us know in the comments!



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