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Beauty [173]

This is our budget beauty collection, our best content to keep you in the know about the latest in beauty trends and money-saving tricks! Enjoy our budget beauty tips and advice for real women, including tips on how to create your own beauty products and advice on how to find the perfect makeup for your skin tone!


Contests [10]

Find out what happened with our past Budget Fashionista contests and also what contests we're running today.

Editor's Picks [6]

Fashion + Style [802]

Be the most stylish girl in any room without spending a fortune! Budget Fashionista has a long history of providing fashion-minded women with budget fashion advice and style trends — for looking and feeling beautiful. Need something super specific? We have you covered! Use the links below to filter down to the style advice you're after.

Fashion for Your Age
The rules of fashion are mostly just loose guidelines, as confidence trumps everything. But as we age, we might seek out some guidance on what is and is not age-appropriate. For those days when you’re feeling a little extra age-conscious, we’re here for you. Access our “budget fashion by age” tips with now:  20s and 30s • 40s and 50s • 60s and up
Fashion for Your Body Type
Choosing fashion for your body type is not about covering up — it's about knowing what to look for & wearing pieces that make you feel fabulous. PetitePlus
Because you don't wear a slinky LBD to work or power suit on a date, we've created these guides for fashion for the occasion. Date NightEverydayHalloweenPartyPromWork
You don't need to navigate the murky waters of seasonal style trends alone! We're here for you with seasonal style advice that fits your budget. SpringSummerFallWinterAccessories • Celebrity Style

Fashion Advice [175]

This is our best advice on fashion! Budget Fashionista delivers wallet-friendly style and fashion advice so you're always on-trend and looking amazing.We also provide reviews on fashion-related products and services, so you can check here before you buy: Fashion Reviews

Industry News [7]

Shopping [53]

Shopping Advice That Helps You Live Your Best for Less

The Best Coupons + Deals [67]

The 411 on the Best Coupon and Deals on Women's Fashion and Clothing

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