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Too Much Sun? Try These 5 Sunburn Home Remedies

As a fan of everything summer, it’s not uncommon that I’ll overindulge. As we all know, the most difficult rebound is to come back from a day in the sun. Everything available always seems to be pre-sun (sunscreen) or post-burn (aloe) and only available over the counter. Being a thrifty gal, this summer I decided to look in to sunburn home remedies, and I am thrilled to share what you can do to salve the burn!

5 Sunburn Home Remedies to Try Right Now

1. Greens: Stop by your local nursery and pick up an aloe plant. At home, pick a leaf and squeeze the fresh aloe on to any and every burned area (I actually rub it everywhere after a day in the sun). Drink water. Staying hydrated is another great way to alleviate the rejuvination process.

2. Bath: Forgo an icy shower and opt for a cool bath. Fill the tub, and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Hang out for 15 minutes, and spend 5 air-drying. You can also swap baking soda for oatmeal (1 cup).

3. Salve: Blend clean and uncooked potatoes with enough water to make a texture that will stick when caked on your brunt parts. Once the texture has dried, wash off with cool water.

4. Sponge: Soak a sponge or hand-towel in cool milk. Pat on to sunburn, then rinse in cool water. Or, swap milk for a pat down with half vinegar, half water.

5. Bags: Soak tea bags (I find mint or cammomile to be particularly soothing) in cool water. Drape on sunburn.