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Where to Find Plus Size Tights

Dear Budget Fashionista:

Hi! I’ve just started getting into “fashion” hose and tights in order to liven up my boring lawyer wardrobe. However, I have a few problems. First, I am plus size. Second, I live in a pretty un-trendy town, and I was wondering if you could suggest some online retailers for this type of thing?

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Where to Find Plus Size Tights

There are a number of places that seel fashionable plus size tights on the web. Here’s a few.

We Love Colors. This online store carries tights in up to 4x in pretty much every color and style imaginable. Plus, the pricing is very good (most tights are around $10-$12)—Although they’re fashion skews more towards the whole skater chick look, this online and mall based store has a solid selection of fashion forward, plus size tights from fishnets to opaque tights.

Lane Good old LB has a large selection of hosiery for plus size women, including the Spanx brand. Plus you can often find coupon codes for free shipping or discounts online.

Hanes Online—Wade through the poor site design, to find an amazing selection of hoisery—both fashion and regular for a great price.

Also try the dancewear companies like Danskin and Capezio which at times carry fashionable plus size tights.  Also take a quick look in your local Wal-Mart and Target, both of which carry fashion tights in plus sizes.

Now as far as telling if a site is reputable or not, do a google search on the site and what type of information comes up. You can also check out the sites like shopzilla and which often post customer reviews of various ecommerce sites.

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Saturday 5th of May 2007

Try for plus size hosiery.  They have some styles that come up to a Q3 (queen size 3) which is equal to a 5/6x.  Even fishnets!

Cynthia Tivers

Friday 30th of March 2007

I love your site thank you

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