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What Disney Princesses Teach Us About Style

Woman dressed like Cinderella

To prep for this topic, I thought I’d best consult with someone I consider an expert in this field. Her name is Madeleine Mills and she just turned four. Madeleine knows a lot about Disney princesses.

How to Dress Like a Disney Princess

1. Wear a sparkly pink dress

Here’s how to dress like a Disney princess. You must wear dresses. Pink dresses with pink sparkles are the best. And it’s good too if there’s purple on the bottom.

Madeleine, 4-year-old Disney expert

“Here’s how to dress like a Disney princess,” she starts in her pint-sized and silky sweet voice. “You must wear dresses. Pink dresses with pink sparkles are the best. And it’s good too, if there is purple on the bottom.” This advice might seem silly for a grown-up, but maybe the kid is onto something. I mean, how often do you embrace your most utterly feminine side in a sparkly pink dress?

I certainly haven’t in ages. But the idea of doing just that kind of makes me smile. I’ll bet you can’t help but catch the Disney spirit once you step into pink sparkles. So I challenge you wear a fabulous and princessworthy, sparkly pink dress before the end of the year.

2. Show your shoulders

“Other ways to be a princess include eating a dinner of bananas and Nutella,” Madeleine continues in breathy excitement, oh-so happy to discuss her favorite topic. “And you should pick a lot of flowers.” I couldn’t agree more.

But in the fashion world, it might be more practical to embrace off-the-shoulder shirts — something many Disney Princesses do.

ASOS has a large selection of off-shoulder tops, all priced around $40.

3. Try a yellow skirt on for size

From Snow White and Belle, we see how powerful the color yellow can be. Don’t run from it even if you’re not tan — heck Snow White was, well you know.

4. A sparkly headpiece is always on point

“Princesses also should wear headbands,” Maddie advises.

You can find many inexpensive headbands and hair pieces at Forever 21 and Etsy. If the band gives you a terrible headache, try a sparkly clip instead.

5. Try fake hair

To step into the role of a true Disney Princess (or celebrity  for that matter), it might help to have cascades of flowing hair. Try clip-in “helpers” to add volume where you might be lacking it naturally.

Try it for a night. We won’t judge.

Which of these Disney-inspired tips will you try out?


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