5 Fall Outfits: View from NY Streets

There’s nothing like an LA girl in NY to get a fresh perspective on fall and winter trends. I love NY because like LA, anything goes – but simply, it’s east-coast and not west-coast.

And while both are trendy, it’s always fun to import a few cool ideas as the weather turns in a similar fashion.

Trendspotting: New York Fall Outfits that Say ‘Big Apple’ on CAPS

1. Roll your khakis: If you are going to invest in boots (every lady should), then make sure to show them off. I love the idea of buying pants and then oh-so-slightly rolling the cuff to show off what I have on my feet. Love these from Gap.

2. Flats: Good for walking, commuting, and a casual night out – check out my favorite discount department store right in the heart of Manhattan – Century 21 has a vast array of every kind of flat from shiny to shearling for well under $50 a pair.

3. Jacket with the fur: They never get old, until they do. These kinds of coats are classic, warm, and more than just a parka. I love anything with a hood and insulation, so for $42 these jackets at Old Navy are a steal – and since they hit at the hip, they will transfer well when LA gets “cold.”

4. Fedora: I love that women can get away with a lot more than men in the realm of hats. Love the felt fedora for fall – it’s cute, cozy, and keeps in the warmth when you try to spend the night on the rooftop bar. Check out this site – most are under $20.

5. Leg Warmers: Oh how I love these. Ditch all images of leggings and droopy sweatshirts – leg warmers are a great way to insulate your boots, make booties “tall,” and keep those fall skirts in rotation as the winter chill takes over. Get unique and buy yours on Etsy.