True Confessions: I Have Chub Rub

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the sensation of “chub rub,” believe me, you aren’t missing a thing. Chub rub, commonly known as chafing, is when your skin rubs together as you are making repetitive movements such as walking or running. Chafing can happen in any part of the body, but chub rub usually refers to the chafing that happens between your legs, more specifically, in the thigh area.

It’s most unpleasant feeling, and some days it would get so bad, I would let my chub rub dictate how far I would walk, what type of workouts I would do at the gym, and what I would wear that day. Then one day, I really put my foot down and told myself that I would NOT let chub rub run my life.

If you are looking to say NO to chub rub like I was, here are four ways you can do so gracefully and effectively.

Solutions for Chub Rubs?

Wear Longer Shorts/Pants. It’s chilly out now, so wearing shorts may not be in your mind. However, even if you are at the gym, make sure your shorts are long enough to cover the thigh area. You might want to opt for a  capris or compression shorts or full on pants. Whatever you do, make sure the bottoms you are wearing do not move against your skin. This way, the fabric will protect your skin from rubbing together directly.

Avoid Cotton. Fabrics like cotton are hydrophilic, meaning that they will absorb your water and make your skin feel wet when you sweat. You’ll want to wear fabrics like polyster blends and nylon, that are breathable and non-absorbent to keep your skin dry.

Use Baby Powder. Have you ever seen gymnasts put on powder before they swing on the bars? We’re not asking to you apply that much, but perhaps some powder between the thighs, or even oil will lubricate the skin to keep it from tearing.

Hopefully this advice will help you kiss your chub rub goodbye. Do you have any other ideas for preventing chub rub? Comment below!