Top Fashion Editors’ Best April Picks

Milan Fashion Week

One of my favorite quotes is from a movie, and it takes place in a restaurant:

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Sound familiar? It also applies to style—whenever I see a fellow fashionista in a super cool and unique outfit, I say to myself “I want what she’s wearing.”

Luckily, these days it’s super easy to get trend ideas straight from the most “in the know” sources—the top editors at the most popular fashion websites and publications. Here’s what they love this April.

The Best April Picks of Top Fashion Editors

Lucky Magazine’s Features Editor

Hayley Phelan

Hayley Phelan likes to take it old school with her jeans – you know, those ones we wore in the 90’s that show off our waists—and my fave this spring, a nice button down blouse. Check out her pairing with a nice long skirt and a slightly tucked-in blouse. Adorb.

Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Editor


Maureen‘s choice of eyeshadow (Maybelline, $7.00) is long-lasting and cream-based.

Elle Magazine’s Editor


Kate tells us what she recommends for first-date looks. She reminds us to keep it comfortable, classy, and with a little more knee than you’d flash your colleagues.’s Fashion Market Director


Marrina Larroude likes to keep her style amped up even when it comes down to the basics. This spring, she’s boasting the jumpsuit – one of my newest and most favorite go-to looks. Whether it’s long or short, it’s hard not to love a one-piece that you can wear to the office with heels or to brunch with flats.

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