Cleavage & Skinny Jeans at Church? Look Sophisticated in These Church-Appropriate Styles

Much as I love my sky-high heels and faded jeans, when it comes to attending church, I’m OK leaving them home. For me, church-appropriate styles are about subtle, conservative pieces instead of ones that make me look like I’m praying for a new drink to appear on tonight’s menu.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see ladies shopping in PJss or dining in post-workout sweats complete with pit stains. Sure, fashion is about fun and often breaking so-called “rules,” but as the phrase goes: there’s a time and place for everything. Yes, it would be awesome if the perfect transitional “from church to the beach” outfit existed.  

Personally, cut-out tanks and mini skirts aren’t making it on the list of church-appropriate clothing.  Call me a little old fashioned (I said a little), but I think we can still head to our place of worship gracefully, all without sacrificing our faith in fashion sense.

Here are some church-appropriate looks that keep us stylish and pretty. 

Stylish Modesty: Church Outfit Ideas