Rita Ora Style Deconstructed

Born in what is today Kosovo, the traffic-stopping beauty of Rita Ora paid her earlier dues by singing in bars around London. But who could ignore that face—or that style? She didn’t just make it big, she made it bigger, tying Geri Halliwell for the most UK number ones by a single female artist.

Coming from a family of entertainers, her grandfather was a film director and named her after his favorite actress, Rita Hayworth. So, does this connection bare any resemblance in her fashion sense? Let’s take a look…

The Style of Rita Ora

Red, Red Lips

Red Red Lips

This is where Hayworth and Ora’s similarities are maximized, both beauties rock the red lips to the max. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find Rita Ora without an eye-popping color on her lush lips, the perfect contrast to her bright blonde locks. Pulling off red lips is all in the attitude, that and keeping eye make-up minimized make the look what it is: unmissable.

All the Colors of the Rainbow


Every now and then you can find Rita rocking white or black, so long as her make-up makes up for the lack of color. But most often you’ll find her in all the shades of the rainforest. She’s never afraid to go bold knowing that the bright colors reflect off of her face making her appear almost florescent herself. We often times think bold colors will wash us out but Rita knows that they actually brighten the face and give us a larger-than-life quality.

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