Our Picks for the BEST Style of Plus Size Jeans

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When it comes to jeans for plus sizes we could go as far as saying that this is an area for plus sizes that is not lacking. There are a number of plus size denim brands (including straight brands like Paige Premium, James, and Citizens for Humanity which come in plus sizes), that hug curves, hide muffin tops, and makes your legs look miles long.

There’s a few things to remember before buying plus size jeans. First, always look for at least 3% spandex content in your jeans to help they maintain their shape, will also fitting to your shape. Second, check out stores like Marshalls and Ross, who always have a solid selection of plus size jeans for very reasonable prices. Lastly, purchase jeans that fit you. No one can see the size of the jeans your wearing, but everyone can see your muffin top.

Check out our picks for the best plus size jean styles after the jump.

Best Style of Plus Size Jeans


Skinny Jeans

Contrary to popular belief, plus size women can wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are sexy and chic. We like Australian brand City Chic skinny jeans for plus sizes because they hug your curves, but don’t cut of your circulation. Most plus size women are afraid of the narrowness at the leg. If that is a concern you can counter the narrow leg by going looser on top or rocking your skinnies with a tailored blazer for a balanced look.

High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

High Waist Wide Legs

Wide leg jeans are best for plus sizes because they balance your hips/thighs with the rest of the your body. Wide Leg Jeans look best with tie neck blouses and chunky heels. Ashley Stewart offers a fantastic pair in a dark wash.

Trouser Jeans

Trouser Jeans

Trouser jeans are an all purpose jean. They are work and evening appropriate. They are best for plus sizes because the cut elongates the leg and rounds out your rear.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

We think boyfriend jeans are super cute and sassy when paired with heels. Boyfriend jeans are best for plus size because they offer a relaxed fit while still outlining your shape. They look great with tees and a blazer and they are even cuter when worn with flats.

Flare Leg

Flare Leg

Flare leg jeans are a hot fall trend and are best for plus size women who are looking to create curves because they are a bit more fitted in the waist/hip area than say wide leg jeans.. We also like them because they have a retro feel to them.



When jeggings came on the scene everyone thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Yes, it has it’s critics, but we like denim jeggings for plus size because they are comfortable and easy.. For plus sizes, we suggest wearing jeggings with a slightly over sized button up for a casual look.

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  • uzi

    love you blog

  • Women’s low-rice plus size jeans are really hard to find. Unless you shop for junior plus size jeans. Junior plus sizes run smaller than regular plus-sizes by as much as one, two, even three sizes.

  • Maxi

    I need really low-rise plus size skinny jeans. High rise jeans, especially high rise skinny jeans, are all the rage now and I absolutely cannot wear them with my body shape. I lost some weight and I am in need of one or two new pair of plus size low rise skinny jeans. I know exactly what fits my body shape but cannot find what I need in any of my usual stores. There has to be a store/web site that sells several different styles/fits of jeans and not just the latest fad.

  • Great article, thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the good work!

  • Mudd

    I just want a nice pair of plus size jeans that are real low rise. Like the Levi’s that are discontinued. even Old Navy plus size low rise aren’t what they used to be when they first came out. They all say low rise but none of them are and because my torso is fairly short, low rise fit the best

  • Amaris

    What are the jeans in the main image!??!?!?!??

  • Edna

    Jessica Simpson makes great plus size jeans everyone should check them out!! I have a few pairs and I’m addicted, they fit and feel great!

  • Gypsy

    I hate spandex in jeans and it is almost impossible to buy a pair of women’s jeans without it. I want to hold things in place not let them bulge everywhere!!!

  • I will REFUSE to buy any “bottoms” with spandex in it!!!  shows EVERY dip, wave, wobble and pit in your cellulite!  I don’t need any help looking fat, I do that very well on my own thank you!

    • I think you’re confusing spandex with lycra (they’re actually two very different types of fabric). Lycra is the shiny stuff worn by dancers, spandex is “non-shiny” and help garments stretch and maintain their shape. Believe me, you WANT spandex in your clothes as it help retains shape and allows for it to stretch to fit you. Spandex is a heavier material than lycra, so it feels a bit thicker (which means that it won’t show any of your giggly bits)

  • Rolling Eyes

    Spandex is from the devil. It doesn’t breathe and it looks awful. 

  • I love a little spandex in my jeans, makes them fit perfectly!