Our Picks for the Best Plus-Size Jeans

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  • April 18, 2014
  • Updated April 29, 2019
Woman wearing distressed plus size jeans
Woman wearing distressed plus size jeans

Many types of garments don’t provide enough plus-size options. But we can’t really say the same about plus-size jeans. There are several brands with fabulous denim options, including ASOS Curve, Universal Standard, Ashley Stewart and even Forever 21.

Each brand offers its own take on jeans for curvy ladies, so we’ve created this shopping guide to help you navigate the denim landscape.

How to Shop for Plus-Size Denim

Here are our tried-and-true tips for shopping plus-size jeans.

  • Always look for at least 3% spandex content in your jeans. The spandex helps them keep their shape and also hug your curves.
  • Check out stores like Marshall’s and Ross, which always have a solid selection of plus-size jeans for very reasonable prices.
  • Purchase jeans that fit you, even if you don’t like the number. No one can see what size you’re wearing, but everyone can see that telltale sign of ill-fitting jeans: the muffin top.

Best Plus-Size Jeans Styles

Best for chic style

Skinny jeans are sexy and chic. And, curvy women look fierce in skinny jeans. Don’t be afraid of that narrow leg — go with a looser, flowy top or add a tailored blazer for a balanced look.

Some places to buy plus-size skinnies that aren’t terribly expensive include:

Best plus-size jeans for balanced shape

Wide leg jeans are best for plus sizes because they balance your hips and thighs with the rest of the your body. This style looks very polished with tie-neck blouses and chunky heels.

Shop for affordable wide-legged, high-waisted styles at:

Wear-anywhere jeans

Bootcut jeans in a dark wash are truly all-purpose. Wear them to work or on a date or for running errands. They’ll look amazing on you as they’ll elongate your legs and round out your backside.

The going rate for a quality pair of bootcut jeans seems to be $90 and up. To save some dough off that price, shop at:

Best for casual style

Boyfriend jeans are super cute and sassy when paired with heels. Top them off with a t-shirt and, optionally, a casual blazer.

This silhouette offers a relaxed fit, while still outlining your shape and showing off your curves. jeans are best for plus size because they offer a relaxed fit while still outlining your shape.

As with the bootcut style, a good pair of boyfriend jeans often carries a steep price tag. To keep your jean purchase under budget, try:

Best for flaunting curves

Flare leg jeans are best for plus size women who are looking to flaunt their curves, thanks to a tighter fit through the waist and hip. This silhouette has a fun retro feel, which is ideal for fashionistas who like to wear something a little different. Pair flare jeans with a V-neck wrap top for maximum impact.

Shop for plus-size, flared leg jeans at these stores:

Best Plus-Size Jeans Shops

All-around, the best place to shop for any style of plus-size jeans has to be Torrid, followed by ASOS. Lucky Brand, Macy’s and Nordstrom are good options also if you don’t mind waiting for a sale.

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    Catherine Brock

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    Blog Comments

    I love a little spandex in my jeans, makes them fit perfectly!

    Spandex is from the devil. It doesn’t breathe and it looks awful. 

    I will REFUSE to buy any “bottoms” with spandex in it!!!  shows EVERY dip, wave, wobble and pit in your cellulite!  I don’t need any help looking fat, I do that very well on my own thank you!

    I think you’re confusing spandex with lycra (they’re actually two very different types of fabric). Lycra is the shiny stuff worn by dancers, spandex is “non-shiny” and help garments stretch and maintain their shape. Believe me, you WANT spandex in your clothes as it help retains shape and allows for it to stretch to fit you. Spandex is a heavier material than lycra, so it feels a bit thicker (which means that it won’t show any of your giggly bits)

    I hate spandex in jeans and it is almost impossible to buy a pair of women’s jeans without it. I want to hold things in place not let them bulge everywhere!!!

    Jessica Simpson makes great plus size jeans everyone should check them out!! I have a few pairs and I’m addicted, they fit and feel great!

    What are the jeans in the main image!??!?!?!??

    I just want a nice pair of plus size jeans that are real low rise. Like the Levi’s that are discontinued. even Old Navy plus size low rise aren’t what they used to be when they first came out. They all say low rise but none of them are and because my torso is fairly short, low rise fit the best

    Great article, thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the good work!

    I need really low-rise plus size skinny jeans. High rise jeans, especially high rise skinny jeans, are all the rage now and I absolutely cannot wear them with my body shape. I lost some weight and I am in need of one or two new pair of plus size low rise skinny jeans. I know exactly what fits my body shape but cannot find what I need in any of my usual stores. There has to be a store/web site that sells several different styles/fits of jeans and not just the latest fad.

    Women’s low-rice plus size jeans are really hard to find. Unless you shop for junior plus size jeans. Junior plus sizes run smaller than regular plus-sizes by as much as one, two, even three sizes.

    love you blog

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