Cutting Edge Summer Shoes Under $50: Pretty Laser Cut Out Shoe Designs That Let Us Beat the Heat in Style

Summer‘s in full force and of course, that means stepping out in feminine, fun styles.  When it comes to footwear, one trend we can’t get enough of are shoes with laser cut out designs. Their patterns range from perfectly round mini circles to edgier geometric shapes, giving shoes (and us) a look that’s as unique as our personality.  Sometimes sweet, sometimes bold, the laser cut out shoes trend is full of head-turning sass.

We’re not the only ones feeling cut-out shoe design awesomeness.  We love it, but when renowned beauty and style expert Tai Beauchamp boasts about them, we know we’re on to something great.  Not only is the lovely Beauchamp the Style Ambassador of InStyle, she also rocks the beauty and style world as an on-air style expert for shows like “The Today Show,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” CNN and TV One.

The Irresistibility Factor

The beauty declares the cut-out shoe trend as one of her favorites this season, saying they “are more feminine than the cage or gladiator sandal, but just as sexy.”  Beauchamp adds that the cut-out look “offers fashionistas two opportunities:  1) to showcase perfect pedis and 2) let well moisturized skin have their peek-a-boo moment.”  Wow.  Practical and sexy!  We’ll take that anytime, right ladies?

Tip:  As if looking great in these cutting edge summer shoes isn’t enough, Beauchamp offers a tip that will not only keep our shoes fitting right, but our skin looking great.  “If your feet tend to swell after hours in heels, drink lots of water and buy shoes a half size larger, making sure to add a sleek and slim insole.”

Bonus Alert:  for those of us with an eye on the Fall, not to worry.   Picking up a pair (or five) of these shoes now (for me, that will be today) is a smart move.  “The great thing about this trend is that they pair well with opaque tights when the weather transitions to fall,” says Beauchamp.

Ah.  Stylish, comfortable feet, the power of hydration and a look that lasts through more than one season.  What’s not to like about these beauties?

So let’s um, cut to the chase, shall we?  Here are 10 pretty cut-out shoes that made us at TBF fall head over heels.  From subtle cut-out accents to laser cuts galore, there’s a stylish beat-the-heat look for everyone.

Cut to the Chase: 10 Cut-Out Shoe Designs We Love, All Under $50

What laser cut-out shoes will be your summer (and fall) picks?



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