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DIY Sweater Updates

DIY Sweater Updates

Just about thinking last year’s sweaters are taking up too much space in your closet? Before you donate or toss them, consider a little DIY craft magic to add color, accessory, and pre-spring liveliness to your knits! Here are our favorite ideas:

DIY Tips to Give Life to Your Old Sweaters!

1. Button-Up to Pull-Over. Sew your cardigan shut. Remove the buttons, then add matching pairs on both sides. Tie a piece of string to one button (wrap around after knotting) and reach it to the other side and do the same. Viola! You just made your button-up a pull-over with jazz.

2. Sleeve Embellishments. Take any sweater that screams “bored” and give it some stripes. At your local fabric or craft shop, pick out a sequin or ribbon that you wont mind having on your sleeve. Hand-stitch or use fabric glue to secure a piece from the shoulder seam to the wrist band. Ta-da!

3. Elbow Patches. I’ve always loved sweaters with elbow patches, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized I could make my own! Pick out felt or leather, cut a shape (try hearts, ovals, stars, etc) and make sure you cut two. Sew with the same color thread or one that will stand out and there ya go – a one of  kind elbow-patched cardigan.

4. Show-Off the Neckline. Since big and chunky necklaces are all the rage, try adding one to your sweater! Go to your local Forever21, H&M, or Old Navy and pick out a chunky necklace that falls above the chest (right about on your clavicle). Keeping it unclosed, sew each end on to the shoulder seam of the sweater so it falls just-so when you get dressed.

5. Re-Purpose It. Really really sick of the knit? Simply don’t see yourself wearing it, no matter what, ever again? One stop before donation is to turn it in to something else. Start by cutting off the sleeves – and instantly you have leg warmers. Stitch around the ends to prevent fray. Use the body as a wrap around a basket, or check out these ideas for what you can do with  a chopped-up sweater.

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