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Five Ways to Reuse Your Valentine’s Day Roses!

Yep, parting is hard, but don’t fret. Here are five things you can do with your roses before you toss ’em!

1. Wrapping paper/cards.

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Once you master drying rose petals, you can really get in to DIY craft mode. I love making customized wrapping paper and cards, and gluing dried petals can really add a lovely touch. The best part is that the dried petals last forever, so you can keep them in a dry place in a plastic baggy and use them as the occasions arise.

2. Rose Potpourri.


Yes, you cant capture and keep your house smelling wonderful for long after the fresh roses depart.

3. Rose Water.

two rose

Here is how to do it.

4. Rose Petal Bath.

rose water

Really simply, but totally luxurious. Just gather the fallen petals and take them with you to the bath.

5. Bacon Roses. 

bacon roses

I know! With this idea, you’re going to use the stems and a few of the petals as garnish. I’m going to keep this concept in mind for next year…Bacon roses?!? HELLO.

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