True Confessions: I Wear Makeup at the Gym


For ladies who love to get their squats on but cringe at the thought of going to the gym completely makeup-less, I hear ya.   I lost tons of weight years ago and continue to go to the gym . . . wearing makeup.   I know, I know.  The gym should be all about ponytails, profuse sweating and body odor.  See, that’s the thing:  I still sweat, wear my hair in a pony AND (bonus) I still wear makeup.  (You’ll notice I left the body odor part out, ahem).

Too. Much. Makeup.

Hair down, plus:  Too. Much. Makeup.

I know, I know (part II):  I can hear naysayers talking about how the sweat/makeup/clogged pore thing wreaks havoc on skin.   Other naysayers will vent about “those” women who wear makeup to the gym (even on a Saturday, so the “But I just came from work” excuse is out), looking more like they’d rather walk along the Vegas strip than a treadmill.

Too. Much. Makeup.

I’m not THIS into wearing makeup at the gym!

So, no, I’m not one of “those” ladies.   I don’t hit the gym in layers of foundation, smothered in blush of Raggedy-Ann proportions.  But I will wear makeup, even on a Saturday.  What I wear is minimal, just enough to perk up my eyes and make it look like I still have a mouth.  So, drumroll please. . . what do I wear?

I Wear Makeup at the Gym. Here’s What I Have.

Eyes:  I line the outer corner of my upper lid with dark eyeliner (very lightly) then use some rose cream eye color on my lid, followed by one coat of mascara.  That’s it.  No dramatic, come-hither cat-eye.  No 20 coats of mascara.

Lips:  I don’t line my lips then put color in between.  Instead, I use liner in place of a gloss or lipstick, coloring in my entire lip area with a neutral or pink shade.  The staying power of liner outlasts gloss, which fades after ten minutes of using the water bottle.

IMG_1829 (800x598)
What I wear (applied with a light hand) to the gym.

And . . . that’s it.

The key is to go light and ditch the blush.  Exercise is a natural blush, giving ladies’ complexions a pretty glow.  I just hone in on areas that need a boost and keep it simple.

So, yes, I wear makeup to the gym.  I’m there to stay fit and keep those 70 pounds I lost at bay, and darn it, I’m going to try to look as good as I feel!

I know I’m not alone.  Ladies, let me know if you wear makeup at the gym in the comments section below.

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