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The Most Frugal Wedding Ever: Total Cost $1.56

No, you didn’t misread the headline. A couple from Scotland actually spent $1.56 on their wedding, and yes, they had a real wedding. And there was food, music, and a wedding dress.  Did we mention that 70 guests came?

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So how did artist Georgina Porteous and singer-songwriter Sid Innes pull off an entire wedding for the cost of two items of McDonald’s Dollar Menu?

  • They got married in a barn on their property. 
  • The groom wore what he had.  The bride splurged on a vintage wedding gown found on  Her dress cost a whopping $1.56.
  • The couple made their rings with antlers they found in their garden.
  • A family member made the cake.
  • The bride’s mom officiated, and the bride’s father played the sax.
  • The reception was a potluck picnic.
  • The couple exchanged film editing services for free photography.

We’re all about pinching pennies here and there on your wedding day, but we’ve got to take our hats off to this couple!  Did you or would you incorporate any of this couple’s money saving tips into your own wedding?

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