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Updated! Not Pierced? 10 Fab Clip-On Earrings Under $20

When it comes to earrings, it seems the pierced kind are all we think about.   After all, we assume most ladies have pierced ears (I’m guilty of it myself).  But what about women who are oh-so-fashionable with clip-on earrings?

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There are plenty of women who love clip-on earrings, whether they used to have pierced ears and developed allergies, don’t like the idea of being pierced or simply refuse to jump on the “everyone else is doing it” bandwagon.  Whatever the reason, clip-on earrings are a great choice and with so many styles out there, what’s not to love?

And if there’s any notion that clip-on earrings are synonymous with Grannie-esque styles, best to kick that thought to the curb real quick. We’ve found some great options in a variety of styles, colors and lengths.

So go ahead and take a peek at some very pretty, affordable clip-on earrings.  Then step out with your pierced BFFs and steal the show!

Fashionable Clip-On Earrings on a Budget

Dangling clip-on earrings
T Tahari Essentials Clip-On Earrings, $11.89, Amazon
Large crystal beaded clip on earrings
Crystal Beads Earrings, $8.99, Mango

If you don’t like these styles, head on over to JCPenney, Kohl’s or Amazon — you’ll find endless options for your non-pierced ears!

This post about clip-on earrings was last updated January, 2019.

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