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Budget Fashionista® was launched in 2003 by Kathryn Finney and quickly became a recognized and trusted fashion blog brand. In 2014, Catherine Brock took over the helm of Budget Fashionista, continuing the site’s rich history of empowering women to look their best for less.

Budget Fashionista has spawned numerous national and international television appearances (TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, E!/Style Network) and sponsorship relationships with some of the top retail/consumer products companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Sears Inc, Marshalls/TJ Maxx stores and RoC Skincare.

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Partner with Us for Fashion Influencer Campaigns

Budget Fashionista empowers fashion-minded women to look their best for less. If you represent a brand or product that shares this goal, we’d love to talk about connecting you with our audience. Keep in mind that delivering trustworthy advice to our readership is and always will be our top priority, and we have a partnership approval process in place for that reason.

We have worked with some of fashion’s most reputable brands to:

  • promote new products
  • create brand awareness
  • reinforce brand messaging
  • drive sales

Sponsored Content

Brands can sponsor blog posts, emails or social media posts. Our team can collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for your goals. Once the strategy is defined, we:

  • write the original content
  • create images
  • publish the post
  • promote the post with a minimum of 4 social media posts
  • feature the post in our weekly email newsletter
  • report engagement and reach metrics 2 and 4 weeks after the post is published

To maintain the trust of our audience, we:

  • Must approve any brand being represented in sponsored content
  • Do not guarantee positive product reviews (but if we have negative feedback, we will discuss this with the brand prior to posting)
  • Do not allow sponsoring brands to review/edit posts before publication.

See a sponsored post here.


We can also make appearances for situations (like TV) when you need a real, live and credible person to represent your product.

See a video of a Budget Fashionista television appearance here. And learn more about Catherine Brock here.


We have limited display advertising space available. Please download our media kit below for more information.

Guest Posts

We do occasionally accept guest posts. Here are some things to keep in mind before you reach out to inquire:

  1. Due to the volume of submission we receive, unfortunately, we can’t personally respond to all submissions. Understand that there is no guarantee that we will accept your post. Please do not pepper us with emails every 24 hours asking about the status. We’ll contact you if we like the post.
  2. The post must be 100% original. Ownership of the content transfers to Speak LLC once we publish it.
  3. Our readers are budget conscious women between the ages of 23-45.
  4. Include a short bio of who you are and a link back to your site/blog if you have one. If you’d prefer to post anonymously, let us know.
  5. We do have an editorial fee for guest posts. This covers our time for editing, posting and then managing the content over time (we do rolling content audits).
  6. The content must be editorial in nature; we do not accept posts that are simply sales pitches for the product. You can mention your product, but there must be some instructional component to the content. It’s best if you present us with a topic idea before you write up a whole post. We’ll give you feedback on the topic. By approving a topic, we are not guaranteeing we will accept the post.
  7. The post must be free of grammatical errors and typos. The overwhelming majority of posts we receive are badly written. Please try to go above and beyond with your research and proofreading to improve the quality of your post.
  8. We reserve the right to make editorial changes to the content in order to suit the audience.
  9. The editorial fee for guest posts is $150 and the post is labeled as being written by an Outside Contributor. Payment via PayPal is due within 24 hours of the post going live. If we don’t receive payment, we take the post down. (Sorry, but we’ve been stiffed on this too many times.)
  10. We will waive the editorial fee if you provide a fantastic post that has no outbound links in it. You can provide a short “about the author” paragraph at the bottom.
  11. We reserve the right to remove the post at any time if it is not performing.

How to Submit a Guest Post or Topic Idea

Submit all content and topic ideas to: blogs@speakdm.com. In that email, you must acknowledge having read the above guidelines. 

You can also check out our editorial calendar for topic ideas.

Next Steps

For all questions, please reach out to Catherine Brock at 314-325-9369, or drop me a note at blogs@speakdm.com.


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