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About Budget Fashionista & Catherine Brock

Budget Fashionista® has been empowering women to look fabulous for less since 2003. We share down-to-earth advice on fashion, beauty, trends, and saving money. The site is owned and operated by personal finance expert and self-appointed fashionista and foodie Catherine Brock through Speak LLC dba Speak Media LLC. Speak LLC also owns the food blog

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Catherine Brock is a financial analyst-turned-writer who loves fashion, food, and horses. And her husband and two kids. And money, which pays for all the above. She began wearing clothes at a young age, so those fashion credentials run deep 😉. She’s skilled at layering, avoiding pink-and-orange outfit combos, and shopping for bargains.

Mostly, Brock is opinionated about being stylish without overspending. Those opinions have earned her placements on the BBC News, USA Today, MSN Money, Fox2 St. Louis, ABC7 Chicago, CBS2 Los Angeles, WGN Chicago, WCPO Cincinnati. See the press coverage page for more information and video clips.

In addition to her work on Budget Fashionista and Blog Chef, Brock is also a contributing writer for The Motley Fool and Forbes.

Brock has held corporate roles in finance, content writing, and marketing. She dove fully into self-employment after leaving a start-up gig in 2016 that proved to be wholly unsatisfying.

You can connect with Brock on LinkedIn or Twitter or see more sordid details of her life in her expanded bio at

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