Stockings, Leggings, and Pantyhose: What to Wear and When

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we have to stash our dresses and skirts. Pairing with the rights tights, leggings, and hose keeps the wardrobe fresh and warm—here is the difference and how to best wear them!

TBF’s Hosiery Style Tips to Warm and Wow



Usually sheer and “leg-colored,” these are not typically worn or paired for fashion, but rather function or professionalism. Since they are subdued and thin, I’ve known women to wear them under pants in extreme weather. These often come “with feet,” and therefore are not the sexiest to pair with open-toed heels. One of my favorite places to get them is American Apparel, where there is a rainbow of colors to choose from, all for only $16.00. One of my favorite way to wear pantyhose is exactly how Kate Middleton does—sheer, classy, and under a bright skirt or dress.



One with the most varieties in-stores, these come in many textures, colors, patterns, and levels of “thick.” These also usually have feet, and are used to compliment or complete an outfit. Forever21 does a great job at offering trendy and cool tights for under $10 so you can try out any kind of look on a dime. I’m obsessed with tights that stand out, and pairing black and/or lace tights with dark and sexy hues is a total win in my book.


Leopard Leggings

Like tights but without feet, the big debate here is whether you can wear them “as pants,” – and ladies, the rule of thumb is “only if your top overs your butt” (back AND front, if you get the drift). H&M offers badass patterns for under $20 – I totally dig the seasonal ones that look like sweaters/stockings but on your legs.

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