11 Reasons Why We Love Asos

What’s not to love about ASOS, the UK-based online-only,  global fashion and beauty retailer. Here are our  11 top “whys” but not in any particular ranking.

No. 1 

It’s just great to see on Asos.com’s site so many pieces of clothing in the $30-$40 range on a regular basis. Asos currently is running a sale where prices have been cut up to 70%.  But it seems to have perpetual sales with cheap prices.

No.  2 

While the retailer targets  the  20-something  crowd,  some of the cutting edge clothing works clot work for women even two decades older. Of course that group might want to  bypass the many hemlines that go mid-thigh.


This dress can be appropriate for many age groups. Not on sale, it comes in plus sizes and sells for $71.00

No. 3 

When you log on to Asos.com, behold the vibrant-looking page that is like an online magazine site. Its  “This just happened… ” column gives the scoop on international celebrities and what’s going on around the globe.  In the center of the page, there is a burst of fashion trends.

No. 4

Asos lets you have it both ways. Shipping around the world is free coming and going.  The online retailer  promises  six days for delivery, or if  you want  your goods in two days, you would pay $12—not a bad price.  If your purchase is a minimum of $140, well that gets you two-day delivery for free.

No. 5

But  let’s be clear on prices. Asos sells some very high ticket items—many from well-know designers but also under its own label by its own designers. So that means a regular dress with its label is listed at $800. A black silk women’s jacket was on sale for  $560 down from $1,000.  That said, what we like is  the way Asos groups its clothes on a page. Maybe it is coincidence or deliberate, but it seems often that higher price items are next to or near bargain-price clothing that has a similar style, We find that to be what you might call a “fashion morale booster” since you can still get a pricey,  coveted look for less with a move of the cursor.
No. 6

 Asos Reclaimed Vintage line includes this slip dress in red crushed velvet. It was reduced to $37.63

Want lots of vintage clothes? Asos  sells its own limited-edition line,  Asos Reclaimed Vintage. Its buyers scour the world for “reshaped dead stock pieces with fabrics and designs from decades past.”  Well, how about that?

No. 7

Asos Marketplace is filled with boutique sellers, like this one called Elsie and Fred, which offer tons of off-the-hook clothing.

Asos has a lot going on, including Marketplace. This is where anyone, anywhere in the world, sell fashion. A lot of sellers have put their vintage wear online, giving you another place to find vintage clothes. You can sign up be one of its 5,000 individual sellers, who get to list free, or  boutique sellers who own a small business selling their own label, other brands or vintage collections.

No. 8


During fashion week, the fashionistas just loved texting with KarlLagerfeld emojis, launched in March.
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has a low-budget collection at Asos. The designer who has become super social-media savvy, in March launched  Karl  Lagerfeld emojis. These tiny digital images and icons that are proliferating in social media, can be downloaded to the iPhone or Android.

No. 9

In recognition of International Asos Marketplace posted photos of its “fave” women, including country music star Dolly Parton. Asos gave   boutique sellers free shipping that day.

No. 10

College students can flash their discount cards at Asos and get this shirt, reduced t0 $19.75 or pennies on the dollar.

College students of the world can unite at  Asos, where you can always get 10% off on all  purchases.  But you must really be a registered student.. Asos has made the offer cheat-proof  with a system called Unidays. Working with universities, colleges and leading retailers around the world, the company says it has  enveloped a new way of verifying student status online.


Do you Budget Fashionistas want to show off to the world your wonderful, creative fashion sense with the help and support of Asos? The retailers’  Fashion Finder is where you can sign up as a member blogger, post photos of yourself  wearing what you consider the latest street-style trend. But hear this—what we love about Asos, in this case, is  the site welcomes and wants someone who doesn’t have a fashion sense to who join the club of bloggers. Tools on the site break out the pieces that look like your outfit. Your followers can shop for them online to look like you. The fashion reluctant  can, say,  pick a favorite shirt only, and the tools will pair it with pants and all the accessories, for a go-to style.