Animal-Friendly Fashion to Vegan-ize Your Style!

Love animals? Fashion does, too! Here are some of our favorite sites that are animal-friendly and totally trendy.

Turn Over a New Leaf on Your Style!

Alternative Outfitters.

I Love Tofu Shirt

Animal-friendly apparel, bags, accessories, and more for men and women. Everything is well priced—check out this I LOVE TOFU shirt (under $17).

Herbivore Clothing.


This site, in addition to apparel and bags, carries books that range from cookbooks to readings on ethics. Herbivore tee is $25.



Shirts, accessories, housewares. Sure makes going vegan easy! This water bottle, under $30.

Pure Apparel.

Vegan Shirt

Pro-veg shirts and more—most under $20. Express yourself!

Not vegan yet but thinking of starting or incorporating it in to your life?


Check out Vegankit that has everything you need to get more veg or go completely and totally veg-on.