15 Best Fashion Trends of All Time

We’ve seen these fashions statements many times before. Maybe they came back after a few decades or just several runway shows ago. Whether a style of handbags or animal print on clothing (and on everything including the kitchen sink), they have achieved staying power through fashion history—ancient or recent.

Here are the fashion survivors, some of which, incidentally, were on the runways in the 2014 resort collections, including gladiator sandals, both long and short just, and camouflage wear:

From Ancient to Recent: The Best Fashion Trends of All Time

Certainly, there are more trends that could have easily made it on our list. The classic Coco Chanel jacket and her signature patent-leather toe shoes along with the present-day shemagh-style  scarf around so many necks were all good candidates.  Let us know of other trends you feel should have made our list, maybe bumping off one.