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Adam Levine’s Women’s Line at Kmart

Yes, it’s true. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 once had his name on a women’s clothing line sold at Kmart. The collection of patterned leggings, crop tops, bralettes, summer dresses, and kimono tops launched in 2014. Prices ranged from $12.99 to $29.99 per piece.

Model wears crop top and mini skirt from Adam Levine clothing line.
Here’s a look at the Adam Levine clothing line formerly sold at Kmart.

As these things usually go, the line didn’t last long. Far more memorable than the clothes was Levine’s offensively self-absorbed quote about his new venture:

“My vision for the women’s line was to create a collection that I would like to see a woman wear. I love a free spirit so I wanted the clothes to have a relaxed and casual side to them. It’s effortless and classic. And in my opinion, classic is never boring. I love a girl who can rock a man’s shirt with a pair of jeans. I always think a woman looks the best when she doesn’t overdo it.”

Adam Levine

Hmm, OK. Where do I start here? Seems like he’s pretty in touch with what he wants women to wear. Sadly, he makes no reference to anything women might want. Because we all get up every morning and immediately wonder in a high, girly voice, “What would Adam want me to wear today? A pleather bralette and leggings? Yes, of course I’ll wear that, Adam. Because it’s what you want. Also, it sounds like a comfortable and confidence-boosting ensemble.


A tangent about Levine’s nipples

I have trouble toning down my sarcasm when it comes to Levine. It seems I’m one of few people in the world who’s still stewing over Levine ripping his shirt off at the 2019 Super Bowl half-time show — after the same stunt took down Janet Jackson’s career. And don’t give me this, it’s different because he doesn’t have boobies garbage.

It’s only different because Levine is a man. Remember that Justin Timberlake actually caused Janet Jackson’s famous wardrobe malfunction and he didn’t get any flack.

Levine’s chest display was so over-the-top that it felt directly disrespectful to Jackson and, in turn, women in general. He might as well have said, “Look, ladies, the rules for us are different. Deal with it. Oh, and wear this crop top for me, would ya? Because I’d like that.”

Levine’s line today

Today (2024), Levine is no longer repping women’s clothes. You can find his fragrances for women in Kmart’s marketplace, sold by third-party retailers. I’m assuming these are overstock hanging around from previous eras. They retail for $20 or $30 a pop and several have his face on the box (that’s worth the price right there, yes?). One is strangely marked down from $110 to $15.

You can find Levine pieces used at Poshmark, eBay, and Thredup.

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Monday 23rd of June 2014

For sure not clothing for a grown woman.


Wednesday 16th of April 2014

It's classic and effortless if you're thirteen. Actual women need something a little more classy.

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