10 Fall Fashion DOs and DON’Ts

Fall Fashion

You heard it first here: There are worse fashion faux-pas than spending outside your budget. Keep these 10 fall fashion do’s and don’ts in mind as you shop for your closet and pick our your daily looks!

1. Do: Invest in hats. This fall, one of the most popular accessories is for your hair. Consider caps of all shapes, sizes, and colors – hat hair is in!

2. Don’t: Stash your whites. Just because we’re past Labor Day, it doesn’t mean you have to hide your summer whites! Consider summer the new fall/winter, and pair your pants with fall/winter tops for a bright-eyed and cozy look.

3. Do: Layer. Instead of opting for thick one-piece sweaters, jackets, or shirts, wear multiples. I love the old-school way of pulling on a long-sleever over a t-shirt and think tank. Or, let a tank peek through the bottom of a blouse.

4. Don’t: Box the patterns and prints. They’re not out yet! But do make sure to tone them down – instead of  a full dress or pant, think shirt, scarf, or skirt. Pair with  a subdued color and viola.

5. Do: Wear green. Specifically, seaweed/emerald. Wear as a dress, jacket, skirt, or top. Be bold, be…well, green.

6. Do: Catchy coat. Simple is out, bold and eye-grabbing is in. Try texture, patterns, and prints.

7. Don’t: Tights as pants. Or pantyhose as pants. Still. And no, even as we go from summer to fall, pulling on a pair won’t make up for still wanting to wear summer clothes.

8. Do: Shorts Suit. For the daring, this adorable outfit is best for weekends or evening, but don’t let the limits scare you. This look is totally hot and absolutely comfortable, all at once!

9. Don’t: Ditch the peplum. Also known as tunic, I’ve always avoided the peplum once the weather turned to a demand for a sweater or coat. But don’t waste – if you layer your peplum, you can wear this summer favorite well in to fall.

10. Do: Store the flip-flops. Summer will come again, but the worst thing you can do it pretend like it’s still here. Cover your feet, and move on to shoes and boot!

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