How to Dress Like a Scandal Gladiator

Olivia Pope Style

Clothes are not necessarily what make a woman, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Finally, strong independent women unite in the obsession for Olivia Pope and her fierce, beautiful, and powerful wardrobe. Recently, I’ve decided that I want to dress like the stars of Scandal—here is how you can, too.

Suit Up for Battle with These Tips on How to Dress Like a Scandal Gladiator

To start, the theme of Olivia Pope’s look is “simple silhouette-chic. This means that every item fits like it’s been tailored, and the color palate is uncomplicated by busy patterns or garish tones. Next, think “quality over quantity” which means it’s better to skip the cheap fabrics and opt for timeless pieces that will last in look, fashion, and function time after time. Finally, know your physique and play to your strengths. Keep lines long and smooth, and go from there.

Getting Olivia Pope’s look for less, one of my favorite budget options is Express. For $59.99, I love this Drop Double Breasted Soft Jacket as a lovely statement piece that fits in but isn’t boring.

For everyday tops, consider the Madewell sale section. Love this sweater for $54.99—it goes with everything!

For boots, heels, shoes, and even sandals, check out Aldo. The sale or clearance section is where it’s at. I’m totally in love with these two-toned flats for $25.

Dresses and skirts, look no further than the JCrew sale. I love this striped frock for $49.99. And there is more where that came from!

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