An Eye for Stylish Eyeglass Cases!

These days, I’m all about stylish eyeglass cases.  Let’s just say I recently had enough of my contact lenses (they’d keep falling on the floor as I put them in or worse, fold over while in my eye).  So, I decided to enter the world of eyeglasses.  However, like most people with a new purchase, I’ve become very cautious of keeping my frames in top condition.

Especially in the summer, when life can be messier than usual (gritty beach sand + lenses = not good), protecting lenses is a good thing.  In an effort to keep them as scratch-free and clean as possible, I’ve become a bit of an eyeglass case addict.

I'm loving the contact lens free life and the world of stylish eyeglass case options.

I’m loving the contact lens free life and the world of stylish eyeglass case options.

How could I not?  Stylish eyeglass cases are everywhere.  If I want to channel my inner Kate Middleton with polka dots, there’s a case for that.  If I’m feeling geek chic, there’s a style around.  I’m amazed at all the colors, shapes and sizes in both hard and soft case options. Bonus:  many cases are suitable for carrying sunglasses, not just my prescription frames.  Plus, if I want to show my phone some love while I’m wearing my glasses, many cases fit phones.  Ah, they ’re stylish, functional, affordable . . . life without contacts is great! There, I rest my ahem, case.

The Case for Stylish Eyeglass Cases: 8 We’re Eyeing

Here are eight eyeglass cases worth exploring.

Tell us what cases you’re eyeing up, or feel free to share your contact-to-eyeglasses transition stories!



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