The Ultimate Rule Book for Fashion for Women Over 60

Older woman wearing fashionable bright coat and plaid dress

If you or someone you love is over 60, then please read this! This is the ultimate Budget Fashionista Guide for fashion for women over 60. Don’t like to read? Jump to the fashion over 60 video or infographic.

Just because you are of a certain age does not mean you can’t be stylish. Yes, our youth-obsessed culture will have you think that everyone over the age of 30 should either:

  1. Dress like Miley Cyrus OR
  2. Wear horrible mommy jeans and Christmas sweaters.

Yes, we know, many trends are geared for the younger generation. Example: very few people over the age of 14 can wear neon leggings. But it’s the seasoned fashionista who can exude real style, which is something very different from being ‘on-trend.’ If you’ve crossed the 60-year mark and still want to keep it poppin’, here are some tips on how to do it.

fashion after sixty - goldie hawn wearing gold, lowcut evening gown
Goldie Hawn keeps her look young and sexy, even in her 70s.

Fashion for Women over 60 : What to Do First

There are certain garments that will, more often than not, make you look frumpy dated. If you have these in your closet, toss them immediately:

  • Floor-length floral printed dresses
  • Muumuus (unless they are for lounging around the house)
  • Long (ankle length), unstructured, A-line skirts
  • Elastic-waisted pants that make everyone look like a balloon
  • Unstructured pants and suits
  • Large, oversized t-shirts
  • Khaki/mauve-colored grandma flats
  • Unstylish jumper-type dresses (usually made of khaki or jean material)
  • Sweaters with embroidery, appliques, etc. (especially Christmas sweaters)

Then start re-building your wardrobe. The easiest first step is to go the monochromatic route. This means wearing one simple color, like blue, red, green, black, white, khaki, at a time. Don’t worry about being boring — a monochromatic outfit is a slimming and classic look.

You can always experiment with textures of the same color if you need more interest. For inspiration, see our Pinterest board of exclusively monochrome outfits.

Clothes for Women over 60

Take a look at fabulous women over sixty like Susan Sarandon, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, and you will notice that they keep the patterns to a minimum, tending to focus more on wearing solid colors. That’s not to say you can’t wear patterns. But when you do, keep it simple and consistent.

Nothing Like a Great Accessory

fashion for women after 60 — Carolina Herrera against white backdrop
Caroline Herrera looks fabulous in a basic suit paired with a statement necklace.

One area that older women always seem to get wrong is in the accessories department. Instead of wearing your entire jewelry box every day, focus on one wearing one standout piece at a time. Also, don’t be afraid to wear trendy accessories. If you keep your wardrobe basic, you can add trendy accessories without looking like you’re trying to be young. Stores like Target, Forever 21, Mango, Zara and H&M are all great places to find accessories without spending too much.

banana republic 1
Pearl Pendant Necklace, $25.99, Mango

Denim looks Fabulous on Women over 60

And yes, older women can wear jeans.

To clarify, I’m not taking about low rise, hootchie mama denim jeans. BUT a nice pair of trouser cut, straight leg or wide leg jeans look fabulous on older women. If you’re a bit larger on the bottom, try a trouser cut or boot cut jean, as the flare will help draw attention away from your mid section and make you look slightly taller.

Also look for jeans with at least 2% spandex/lycra content. This will allow the jean to stretch to fit you and help to control any problem areas. Some brands to try: Gap, Banana Republic, Levi, Seven, UNIQLO, and Mossimo at Target.

And about those skinny jeans

fashion for women after 60 — Old Navy skinny jeans
Outfit with skinny jeans and gold flats.

If you’re a bit smaller on the bottom, then yes (gasp), you’re a perfect candidate for straight leg or skinny jeans (even if you have a bit of tummy). For those of you with a bit more of a tummy, try skinnies from brands like Old Navy and New York and Co as they have a bit higher rise (which will help it sit better on your waist).

Also, if you have gray hair, the dark navy color of the jeans really set off the gray in your hair. Pair the jeans with a bright colored tee from a store like Old Navy or a fitted sweater. But please, for all that is fashionable and good in this world, avoid wearing denim from head to toe.

Wear Color, Lots of Color

Reader, I need you to make me a promise: that you will try to inject a bit of color into your wardrobe. As a “seasoned fashionista” there is no reason why you have to hang up your color wheel just because you’ve reached a certain age.

If you have a darker skin tone, you’re lucky, you can wear almost any bright vibrant color. The brighter the better. If you have fairer skin and are concerned about looking washed out, start with the color of your eyes. This is universally flattering!

Show Cleavage!!

fashion for women after 60 -- Helen Mirren in formal attire

Remember when women over 60 were told to cover up? Well those days are now a distant memory. If you’ve got the goods, show them (within moderation of course). Showing a bit of cleavage is not only sexy, but can make you look thinner too.

Other things to include in your wardrobe

fashion for women after 60 — Diane Sawyer wearing a leather skirt
Diane Sawyer wearing a leather skirt.
  • A leather skirt, which is now considered a classic.
  • A pair of tailored black pants in light fabrics like cotton and rayon. Again, look for pants will a little spandex/lycra content- this will help to control any problem areas.
  • For skirts, stick to straight or A-line cuts that hit slightly below the knee.
  • Wear a shoes with a slight heel. Try brands like Soffit, Gentle Souls, Cole Haan,a nd even Tory Burch which are both comfortable and very stylish
  • A couple of fitted (not tight) t-shirts and tanks to wear underneath blazers.

For inspiration, look at Vogue, More Magazine and Harpers Bazaar, which tend to have fashions for women of all ages.

More Fashion Tips for Dressing After 60

1. Don’t shun your past

You’re a few years older, but you’re still you, so dress accordingly. If you think you need to redo your wardrobe, think again.

Movie star Rita Moreno is still working the hot pink dresses and big baubles she loved in the days of West Side Story — she’s just wearing updated versions of them. Moreno doesn’t shy away from color (we would really like to meet the person who said mature fashionistas can’t wear color, so not true) and trades the 4 inch heels in for a pair of 2 ½ chic sandals. At over 80 years old, Rita is showing everyone that she’s the same fun, fiery woman she was in her youth — with the same chic style.

fashion for women after 60 - Rita Moreno wearing a hot pink dress
Rita Moreno wearing a hot pink dress

If you’ve always loved the way you look in blue, or if your wardrobe work-horse is a tailored pair of slacks, stick with it. Love that strapless dress? Wear it, but pair it with a chic cropped blazer.

You know what works for you, so don’t be swayed by others’ opinions of what you should wear. Recall your greatest fashion moments and find a modernized, mature way of recreating them.

2. Experiment with prints and textures

No, you can’t wear every trend that comes down the runway. But on the flip side, a twenty-something fashionista couldn’t get away with half the fabrics you can.

So while you can’t go wild with mini skirts and cropped shirts (not that you’d want to), you can show personality in animal prints, florals and bold textures. No one does this better than Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Collage of two Anna Wintour outfits.

Like Anna, you can make a statement in your signature style. If you haven’t already, find out what silhouette best flatters your figure. Anna likes sheath dresses, but you may prefer an A-line skirt.

Once you’ve narrowed down the shape of your clothes, anything goes when it comes to prints. Another great way to make a statement? Statement accessories, of course. Bold sunglasses, necklaces and watches look chic with a classic ensemble.

3. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

When it comes to signature style, repeating a look isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged. Once you find a style that you look and feel great in, go ahead and buy one in every color!

The best example of this is designer Carolina Herrera. She creates some of the most beautiful, elegant clothes on the runway and red carpet, so she would know.

fashion for women after 60 -- Caroline Herrera in a classic white blouse and black, a-line skirt
Caroline Herrera in a classic white blouse and black, a-line skirt.

Crisp blouse, A-line skirt, drop earrings: it’s the uniform of the chic 62-year-old fashion queen. We see her in it almost every time she steps out, and are we bored? No way! She looks fabulous, and so do you in your signature look. Whether it’s a shape of dress, a style of shirt or a particular color, if it works, work it, all the time.

4. Embrace pantsuits

Admit it, you used to envy how chic Katherine Hepburn looked in her pantsuits. Maybe you still envy the powerful presence her ensembles conveyed, so why not steal her style? A pantsuit works for day or night, for luncheons or parties, for the office or the church, and it always, always looks chic. Take a look at Exhibit A: Diahann Carroll in this gorgeous wear-anywhere outfit.

fashion for women after 60 - Diahann Carroll looking classy in a pantsuit
Diahann Carroll looking classy in a pantsuit

The pantsuit is the LBD of women over 60, partly because it takes a certain degree of sophistication to pull it off. Find one that fits your personal style and figure, get it tailored, and wherever you go, you’ll always have the perfect outfit.

5. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

And yes, you’ve still got it. Want to know what else you’ve got? Elegance and sophistication, qualities inhabited only by a seasoned fashionista. If you’re having trouble being convinced, this should give you a little inspiration:

That’s Helen Mirren…in a bikini. Mirren is now in her 70s and is as breathtaking as ever. Newsflash: so are you. Whatever your best features are, don’t be afraid to show them off. So what if fashion seems focused on the younger crowds sometimes?

When it comes to style, that’s all you. Have fun and create your own rules for fashion after 60!

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Infographic: fashion tips for women over 60

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Blog Comments

Need more info like thi.s

Love the ideas, would like to see more, especially clean lines and mix/match. Declutter the closet.

I really think if you are not “thin” then a uniform look for the top and bottom might be a good place to start…..find a pant, denim, skirt in a flattering style for your size and have it tailored……then do the same with a knit top so it fits smoothly and sleeves and neck are smooth….that is your uniform that fits you perfectly because you have it tailored!
You are set because all you need to finish off your look are items that do not need a lot of tailoring….aka a jacket, a leather jacket, a cropped sweater, cross body purse and fun shoes that change the ‘look’ of your outfit…..ready to go!

Thank you!!! This age is being a challenge.

You are welcome!

hello my name is ms hunter im 69 years young and want to see some pictures of how to dress for my age can you help pls

not all older women are frumpy.
we hunger for styles that compliment a slightly thicker waist line
other then a mumu.
bring it on. we need role models, and Goldie Hawn fits the bill

I am 5’7″ & 127# it’s very hard to find jeans long enough in a size 4 any suggestions. I’m 66

Jean, have you tried New York & Co.? They carry “long” jeans in small sizes.

I get my jeans at They come in tall, and they start at size 2.

what i do to jean that are too short
just add a lace or ribbon trim to the bottoms
and they will be unique
to add to the look put some at the pocket edges too
a whole new look 🙂

Do’nt think so, that idea wouldn’t work for me..

Eddie Bauer has talls in all of their pants lines. The inseam is 36″! (Yes, you’ll probably have to hem them up). If you go into the store, you can try the pants on in a regular, and then order the tall and you get free shipping. If they aren’t right, you can return them at the store … free shipping!

The Loft also carries tall in smaller sizes.

Try QVC, ladies….. Ive shopped with them for years. Denim & Co. & Quacker Factory fill my closet… polyester, no rayon, spot-on shapewear, a trip to a tailor on occasion. Great return policy; everything available from XXS-3X. Charming Charlies is great for fun accessories; I keep my costume jewelry bagged up by theme on a large bulletin board. I stick to red, white, blue, emerald green, & aqua in the summer; great scarves amp up any look & bring attention to our gorgeous faces, not our gravity-plagued bodies. I wore uniforms to school til I went to college, so clothes became very important to me. Then I became a teacher & dressed for “my kids”! I wear a size medium; have hair cut every 4 weeks…..grooming is very important! Enjoy your look & compliments will come your way! A smile is your best asset!

Looks like I am following your advise. I always think about dressing my generation, I am a 69 year old Baby Boomer, proud and healthy.

How about those of us who are over 60 and 175 lbs.? It’s almost impossible to find well fitting clothes when we have rolls. Thanks

BonWorth, a women’s fashion outlet store, is the perfect place to find your clothes!

So is Chico’s. I’m 69 and wear size 10 and buy most of my casual clothes at Gap and Banana Republic. I like being stylish and age-appropriate at same time which can be a difficult goal. My daughters (age 45 and 46) keep me in check. First thing they did was get me to stop wearing jogging suits. Now that I’m retired I often wear stylish workout wear from GAP andUnderarmor. have beautiful edgy and fashionable clothing for larger sizes. They say their range is 14 – 24, but really fits from 12 to 28 or more. Check out their website. They have stores in Australia and NZ and sell online to the world. Also Lane Bryant is an American plus size online seller, as is Catherine’s. In Australia Catherine’s Plus also sells online. Cacique is great for buying unusal and larger bra sizes.

Hi, I’m Marie, 64 and on the plump side, my problem Is my bust size 40 hh, I’m a red head with a big belly and arse, when I’m out other women appear jealous & catty about me. I know it’s about the way I dress, I’ve just started, wearing low cut tops and with my breast size I get lots of attention and it makes me, as an older woman, feel really good. All age ranges pay attention, from mid teens to 50’s. I wear shortish skirts, probably wrong, for a woman of my age, but I do love the looks men give me. Ladies, wear clothes that make you feel good, young, sexy and make you feel desirable. I’m of the age where I never thought I could attract men, how wrong I am, men are so easy, whatever age.

I don’t think they’re jealous. I think they might think you’re looking a bit sleazy.

Yes. by all means. Great basics in plus – with a pop of color and great accessories are your best friends

Looking for pants and top for everyday wear. I’m 68 size 18 and 5 ft help. I wast to dress age appropriate and look and feel good. Don’t want to spend a lot

Ditto for me too…that’s what brought me here!!

Unfortunately they aren’t going to answer that questions because they focus on younger women’s figures not us real women!

Thank you for saying what about us that are not stick people.

Embrace it all! Flaws and all! Get shapewear if you can wear it. It hide a multitude of faults!
And go put that dress on you like to look sassy and confident in!

Your thick Sistah Jackie 5ft 3 an 170lbs

There are things on that get rid of list that work for me so I have to disagree with you. I think of reaching 60’s as being liberating…no more of this dress to impress mentality. I am way beyond caring what is in style or what outfit might get me approval. I would much rather you notice my smile and headful of natural curls. And then I would love to have a great conversation with you!

Bravo! to Debbie!
I also want to look like a woman, and wear flattering clothes as they did in the forties. You can’t find a decent skirt, dress, only ugly tight fitting pants. Skirts so short they are embarrassing, and if the women wearing them do not feel embar rassed, I feel it for them. Men do not like unfeminine women. The more indecent you dress the more they use you and disrespect you, they cast you aside and try to find what they are truly are looking for. They like women with soft voices, genteel, have a brain so they can carry on an intelligent conversation, with tenderness and loving in the most pure and innocent way.
Can you find that today? No , not very many exist.
They have lost a great deal in banishing truly flattering clothes. Women trying to be men. Also they have lost the dignity and the nobleness that God gave women.
These styles are sickening and make me sick. Everybody wants to be a man these days, unshaven, sloppy and crude. You can have it. Wild hair cuts , some not even caring to tend to their hair, and they do not care how they look at all. Quite unbelievable that the so called modern generation can no longer think for themselves. The word for today is Slobs!
Women modeling these clothes always look like they do not know how to stand, walk or sit in a dignified manner. They hold their legs in awkward positions as if they have some unidentifiable defect. Too bad, Class for women is gone.
Thrift stores offer more opportunities than any of the fashions we see in today’s store. Today’s fashions are against women. They have been this way since the sixties. The sad part of all of this is that they believe everything the designers tell them. Ridiculous!

I’m 60, petite, and I LOVE classy dresses and skirts. So feminine!

Good for you, I like to wear skirts, as well!

I’m 64 and tres petite too!! I love it. Kudos to Debi and to Jeanne: Why not LOSE THE ROLLS?

I agree, I am 68, tall and curvy. I love nice fitting skinny jeans and tunics with sandals in the summer and boots in the winter. I get admiring looks and comments from men and women!! Lose the rolls or wear clothes that camouflage.

Easier said than done….you must never of had a weight issue!

But what about wearing flat boots with a skirt. Yes or no

Go for it. You only live once!

Absolutely! I have a nice pair of Clarks booties and I wear them with jeans and skirts.

What century are you living in, Greer??? You sound like something out of Gone With the Wind! as are your ideas. After 60 who cares what men do or don’t lilke. Its suit yourself time. I wear fashionable clothes because they’re fun and flattering and make me feel good. They also give me confidence in my day-o-day working life. My younger colleagues find it easier to relate to me in modern clothing

I understand what Greer is saying. I am 67 and have been told since I was in my 20’s that I need to let my hair down and look like everyone else. I developed my style at a very young age. I know what looks classy and will not lower my standards for anyone regardless of the trends. I recently had my hairstylist tell me I needed to cut my hair as it would make me look 10 years younger. My hair is a beautiful grey/white which I wear up, often with a hair piece. It makes me look good and I get a lot of compliments on a regular basis. I will not go out of the house without my make up and hair done and attractive clothing on whether it is casual or not. I am not particularly interested in looking younger, but looking great.

I love what you have said, I’m goinging to be myself not matter what! I’m very soft in what I wear. I don’t like the way women come out of the house dessed like street walkers. Young women need to see us older women as role models and women of pride. We should dress with style and elegance. That’s why so many people loved looking at Princess Diana, because of her style of clothing and the way she carried womanly grace.

Have you tried Chico’s? Some of their prints you may want to avoid, but the basics are GREAT providing good fit from very petite to quite large. They have trousers that hold the tummy in. Good basic layering pieces in wide range of colors. I should stop before I sound like a commercial for the brand.

I’ve found that Chico’s does not work for very petite women. I’m 5’0″ and 100 lbs, and their smallest sizes are always too big for me. I like their styles so it’s too bad they don’t fit. like their jewelry though.

I agree with you and it is very disheartening to me that people think having an interest in clothes and looking good is shallow. I have no idea where that mentality comes from. The best thing we can do is be the change we want to see. I know that sounds trite, but if dressing sharp in an age-appropriate manner makes you feel good, I say “go for it” with greatest gusto. Let’s show them how it should be done. I’m doing it and, believe me, I’m beyond caring if people think I’m overdressed for any occaision be it work, play, worship, whatever. I’m just now embarking on my journey into my 60’s and have no intention on stoping my fashion quest or my individuality.

Short skirts are only embarrassing if you feel uncomfortable, At 64 I love them and the male attention they bring, I know I sometimes show a bit of my knickers off,

you are my kindred sister! I LOVED IT WHEN WOMEN looked LIKE WOMEN and men the same this liberation went to far but I will go down fighting I Love classy clothing and consignment/thrift are the stores

Cornelia Brandon

I agree., Bravo for you telling it.

You are right, I am short and rather fat and that is fine.

i love maxi skirts. Can an over sixty woman wear them

Maxi skirts can be tough for older women to pull off. They tend to make you look frumpy and thick. If you like longer skirts, try one that has a straighter shape.

Didn’t.the article above say not to wear maxi skirts over 60?

I love maxi skirts. I am 67 and 5’8″” and weigh 155.

I have also read in other fashion articles which say not to wear maxi length after 60 unless it’s an evening gown.

Catherine ~ So many great ideas! Thanks ~ Susan

I like your information. I am 63 and very active and a good shape, but I want to dress up accordingly. Great ideas!


Thank you. Thank you! When working, I had no problem in choosing clothes and being stylish. BUT dressing casually at 70 has really stumped me so I am positively delighted to have discivered you and your fantastic hints! Thank you! Thank you!

Really interesting blog, thanks for sharing this kind amazing information about How to Be Fashionable after Sixty. I am sure this information very helpful for after sixty women.

What a great post. Older women could really use more advice and encouragement to always strive to be confident and love how they look no matter what age.

Thank you for this wonderful advice! My shoulders are 1 and 1/2 size smaller that my hips. Fitted shirts are difficult to find – that aren’t too tight around the middle or too big at the top. Any suggestions on stores or brands?

A nice article. I am 65 and trying to learn how to dress casual without looking like a worn out frumpy older woman or a older woman trying to be young. I have lost some weight but trying to gain some of it back. I actually feel better with some weight versus being the size I am now. I think wearing jeans from head to toe is okay unless it’s too tight and depends on where you are wearing it to.

I almost fell out of my chair! FINALLY, a website, any-kinda site, a blog. something for those of us who are over 60!!!!! I must remark before I read on…thank you, thank you and thank you. I’m 64 (turning 65 in July); 4’10 and 109 (the 9 lbs. landing in my “upper” tummy area. I have found Style&co. jeans from Macy’s work well for me; however, I’m going to try the stores/sites you have suggested too. Ha! You have just gained a brand new best friend (pest, follower, student, needy-for-your-info)! I’ll be back, for sure; now to continue reading……

I also am 69. I want to dress stylish but when I look at all the magazines and web sites they seem to really address younger women more than anyone else. I wish there were more mid range priced things for older women and more accessible to the public. More advertisements so we know where to shop.

Yes, you are so right. The companies who actually sell theses clothes forget that it is us babyboomers that have the most disposable income to spend. It is not the younger generations doing the purchasing. It is the babyboomers purchasing for them as well as ourselves. Although I am now almost 60, I have always had a younger attitude and appreciate dressing to reflect it. Not dressing as a 25 year old but with a youthful class.

I have a problem finding the type of shoes you are speaking of since I have a small very wide foot, have bone spurs on my heels and edema. The only shoes I can find that are real leather in the size and width I need (6 1/2 – 7 WW) are SAS Freetime walking shoe. It cannot be worn with dresses and skirts which makes me very unhappy as I like to dress up for things when appropriate. Do you have any suggestions for nice, dressy, pumps that are leather that have wide widths? I use to purchase the Hush Puppies Body Shoe in leather but now they only make the Angel II and it comes in man made material only, no leather. I liked the body shoe because it had square toes and came up over the big bone on the inside of my foot so it would not rub or cut into my foot. I also tried the Easy Spirit pumps but they were too pointy in the toe and my toes ended up stacking up on each other making it so I could not walk in them. Thanks for all your input.


I agree with the last comment so much. That comment was exactly what I was trying to say. I either have to look on vintage sites or used stores. I just wish the magazines would offer more clothes for modern seniors. I don’t want a short skirt nor do I want one that goes to the floor. Just normal clothes for normal people. There is a whole market that is being over looked .

Pencil skirts with a nice twin set and moderate heels look great. If your weight allows it, wear form fitting clothes. They’re flattering and youthful,

I’m a healthy, active, 64 year-old. I’m 5’3″ so often find clothes in the petite section, but it’s a challenge. Choices are usually limited and everything “matches” or is in floral/pastels that make me feel like I belong in an Easter basket. I’ve become VERY selective about the styles I choose. My wardrobe mainstays are good fitting jeans (blue and black), slacks in neutral colors, two black skirts (one for day/business and a long one for evening), an assortment of nicely tailored shirts (in a variety of fabrics) and tops that can be layered underneath, and a grey blazer. I shopped and shopped to find slacks and jeans that looked right. Now that I know the brands that work for me, I rarely look elsewhere. With a variety of accessories it seems I have lots more clothes and feel like I”m always “put together.” Tailored shirts are available in any color you can imagine. A silk shirt tied in front and worn over a white tank looks great with jeans. Trade the jeans for a long black skirt and some funky jewelry for an evening out.

Wonderful article. I’m 70. Although I can afford new clothes, I sometimes shop the Goodwill Stores just to look for good “classic” styles. If the label says “Ralph Lauren” it’s even better!

I need to wear skirts in my profession. Pencil skirts are great for my figure, but the problem is what to do about legs that cannot go bare due to lots of very unsightly veins.
Boots and tights solve the problem in cold weather, but haven’t solved the problem for warm weather, since nude hose are not in style. Any ideas?

Jergens makes a wonderful product called Natural Glow In the lotion aisle. It very slightly tints your legs like a couple days in the sun. Makes my freckles and veins seem much less noticeable than my white winter legs. Try it in the Fair to medium shade. Hope this helps.

Yes, my sister uses it

Hi Bonnie, I have the same issue with legs that are not ‘perfect’, plus I had foot pain from wearing heels (which seem to be the best complement for pencil skirts). The ‘wardrobe’ for professional women in my town is a pencil skirt suit and heels. I do like pencil skirts and love wearing heels so I had two problems. For legs my solution is to use a beige or very light spray-on-tan and nude sandal foot panty hose that is very sheer. To be able to comfortably wear heels all day at work I put inserts into them that hold back the foot from sliding forward, plus cushion the ball of the foot. The spray tan I use is Sally Hanson airbrush legs and the shoe inserts are Killer Heels Comfort, both available on the internet. You don’t have to give up skirts or heels after 60. At 67 I can happily wear my pencil skirt and my 3 inch heels all day long.

Thank you for sharing your tips!

Hi I am 60 yrs old, 161 lbs and 5* and I would like to know how to find clothes for a person like me, I have not been in a dress for years, retired busdriver, so something that looks nice to wear when going somewhere and now that it is hot outside maybe some sundresses for doing work around house, I do not were tank tops cause of my flabby skin under them, you have heard the saying, your arms are still waving goodbye after everyone has left., and hopefully clothes that are not sky rocket prices, just clothes for my age group, any suggestions, thanks have a great day’

I found this site cruising through Pinterest, and I noticed no one answered your comment. You CAN have nice clothes for casual wearing! Try J Jill ( they have petite sizes that run the gambit from xxs to xl. Soft pretty colors, and their jeans are stylish, but fit older women who don’t have that”perfect” body. Check and see if any of those clothes float you boat–and good luck!

At last! I found someone to share my thoughts with. I can never find clothes that I like. they all seem for the younger women. Thank you.

This is really great advice. Just because people are a bit older does not mean that they should not look after themselves and wear clothes that make them look great still. Age is just a number and looks and the way the person feels about them image can make a huge difference on how people see them. There should be more clothes available for older women and more older models in catalogues and in the fashion industry to show that age does not affect their fashion.

Halifax Clothing Store

Great article, we need more please!! I’d like to mention swimwear for us women who are over 60. Many of us have started to sag where we have never sagged before. We have veins that show. All in rather “delicate” locations! Our bodies are changing but we do not want to give up pool and/or beach time. I personally HATE swim dresses. I discovered swim capris. I wear them with a tankini top and can continue swimming FOREVER! It also protects from sun burn. Older skin is losing elasticity and pigment. No joke. UV protection is a must. My girlfriends, who have skipped pool activities for years, are loving the swim capris. Thanks for letting me share.

Interesting, have never heard of “swimming” capris. Please share a source for viewing. Thanks

I loved your article. I am in love with colour but at 74 plus and a bit heavy such as 155 at 5’4″ I do have trouble with finding outfits. Even thoug my legs are thin I find such things as veins and cellulite showing how can I wear skirts or capris without wearing strangulated panty hose.Help

I hear you. Even tho I’m 4’10 and 109 lbs, I’ll be 65 next month and have so much trouble finding clothing for my AGE! As far as your leg veins go, I do believe Jergens has a sort of “leg makeup” which is in various shades of flesh tone, but not as heavy as regular foundation. I know several women who wouldn’t live without it! Also, another trick is to wear leggings under your skirt(s) or dresses. Its the style now, and with the right not-kiddish skirt (or dress, even) it works wonders! Just a note, though, it wouldn’t work in the summer-time! Hope you find some help in this. Good luck! If you can, let me know how you make out with one or the other, if any, suggestion!

Yeah! definitely correct it doesn’t mean your in a certain age you cant be stylish. Being fashionable doesn’t require age limit, it doesn’t require dressing by generation. Be Fashionable 🙂

I like your attitude! I wear bootct jeans with long sweaters in cold weather and jeans and sandals with kimonos and tank tops in warm weather. I do not have pretty legs so I don’t wear bare leg styles:( but I try to always look stylish and dress for my body type. I am 61 and work every day. I get many compliments on my looks, and am 5 8′ and about 190 lbs. ( working on that). Pretty jewelry but not too much…. I find great clothes at Kohls and Dress Barn!!…cool jewelry at Kohls….but keep it to a little bit at a time!!!! Have fun! Think young!!

Nice post. I love it but need more style.

Great and welcome article! Now, if you could just offer some advice for those wriggly, wrinkled arms that don’t seem to get any better despite exercise, and seem to be prevalent no matter how good a shape an older woman is in. Plastic surgery is a non-starter in my book, but does this mean we need to give up sleeveless forever? How about designers coming up with more light-weight, flowing mid-sleeves for summer? Pass it on!

I so agree! Why is it so hard to find clothes with sleeves? I’ve been searching for a lbd and they all seem to be sleeveless, or even worse have cap sleeves that hit at the heaviest part of my arm. I am 53, in good shape but really struggle with that upper arm flab that no amount of exercise seems to help.

Large, oversized t-shirts and denim all day long, seems great hints…

I’m a young 82 yr od 5″9in 180lbs and love clothes. The new long skirts and dresses are great as well as the longer shirts, great pant styles, { leggings don”t look good on everyone ] and lovely fabrics silks, voiles, etc and the bright colors… I shop on line and search the catalogues for styles that are attractive on me not necessarily “WHATS IN STYLE”” the trick to dressing well at any age is finding YOUR style. Age appropriate clothes shouldn”t be too hard to figure out. Why would some one at Any age ware clothing that shows all your rolls. bumps and bulges. Just to be IN STYLE????…YOU CAN BE IN STYLE AND STILL LOOK GOOD> Also don’t be afraid to ware costume jewelry and scarfs I also love and ware boots and kitten heel shoes. GO FOR IT AND HAVE A BALL!!!! ‘

Oh Barb, you sound beautiful. Know what?! I wanna be you when I grow up!

I’m 66 plus size wp18/20. I want to add something to the no-no list.
Faded denim is a harsh look for anyone. In my view. Its one trend that could have been born dead & remain in CA where designers of today,
don’t give 2 cents about anybody outside of “Heaven Wood.”True we
don’t have to yield to trends, but there is little else to wear because we
aren’t relevant in the fashion world. Jeans with faded spots (on butts and thighs ) don’t complement anyone. On a plus size it makes you look poor. It is true that we don’t have to yield to trends it is hard to find
something decent to wear. Thanks to computers it is a lot easier.
Still there is an untapped market for seniors in fashion. I agree that quality is better than quantity. As for me I’m on-line looking for the next
great colors for this fall season for both quality and value. Bye for now.

Firstly thanks a lot for such a wonderful post. I would like to know more about such topics and hope to get some more helpful information from your blog.

Please show more pix of women dressed in day wear who are over 65….I’m 67, 5ft 2in. @ 123 active pounds. Help! I had style now I seem to have lost it!

NO way would I EVER give up elastic waist pants. Not only are they comfortable, but for people like me with short waists, tailored waists do NOT cut it.

I haven’t worn tailored waisted clothes in DECADES.

If I followed this “advice” I would have the world’s worst wardrobe.

I will NOT throw out Christmas sweaters and t-shirts.

Maybe women need to grow up and quit trying to dress to attract men. Buy and wear what you like.

I’m not a fan of Christmas sweaters; however my 83 year old aunt loves hers. It makes her feel good and since I love her, I say go for it.

Perhaps you wouldn’t be so bitter if you took some suggestions.

Wow! This is very helpful and creative article for any women who have crossed Sixty Years Old. I have got a lot of ideas for young old women after reading this article. .If you want to more about others women fashion so you can visit our clothing blog to get more knowledge.

Has anyone here that is overweight ever tried Dr. Oz’s weight loss plan? It has worked for millions.

Good information, Thank you for sharing.

Someone needs to realize the baby boomers are not getting any younger. We are demanding stylish comfortable clothes that make us look good without breaking the bank. Aldo, the fashion mags need to start advertising “older” styles. Don’t the stores know who has the money? Keep it up.

I am 68. 163 cm and about 100 kg. I am very self conscious and it is great to get this advice. Thank you

I’m 60 years old and I love color. I wear jeans with bright colored tops and prints all the time. One of the biggest flaws I see with older women who are trying to be fashionable is too much jewelry, ladies town it down. One nice piece is enough. You don’t need 20 bangles on your arm.
The one difficulty I have is finding casual dresses. I have varicose veins and I like dresses that hit at the knee or just below. I do well with Calvin Klein, the dresses are stylish and not too young looking, but sometimes even his are too short. Does anyone have ideas?
Also, I think anyone can wear a Maxi shirt and look lovely, just put it wit a simple blouse or sleeveless shell. Soft surroundings catalog and on line makes some lovely maxi skirts. Great for entertaining, or a polished look.
I think we should have some fun with our clothes, we deserve it!

Oops it should say “tone” it down.

And I was referring to a Maci Skirt above. Must double check before hitting send! ?

Some women wear a lot of sterling silver bangles as a statement. It does not look overdone when done right. But I like a lot of what you say, and I agree with you. Full skirts look real nice too with a simple toned-down shirt.

We are I think all very lucky to live in a free society where you can wear what ever you want without being locked up. So if a hello kitty shirt and acid washed daisy Dukes are your thing knock yourself out although you may find people won’t take you quite as seriously as you might like . I do not want to be mistaken for my daughter’s sister but do want to look great , not ‘for ‘my age ‘ which is very patronising when you think about it ,but just great . I thought much of your advice was good except I have to disagree with you on two points . Firstly Rita Moreno really doesn’t look that good actually a bit tragic and secondly showing old creepy flesh however many hours you spend in the gym is also not a good look . Helen Mirren is now 67 . She is beautiful ,always was, .She is tiny and this is a red carpet photo which means that she will have had an army of stylists making sure she looked perfect which she does. For us lesser mortals well I have never seen a woman over 40 ( super models excluded ) showing their boobs without fighting the urge to shout ‘put em away PLEASE)! As it happens MS Mirren has now said she also thinks enough is enough and in future the only person who will be seeing her décolletage is her husband .. I do have a few other suggestions for anyone interested and they are as follows
1. Hair . No matter hat clothes you wear if your hair looks rubbish so will you . Grey hair is fine but what ever colour it must be beautifully cut in a modern style ( no boufee please) and be in tip top condition . Spend what ever you have to give up smoking eating whatever .
2. Make up . Less is definitely more . My skin is pretty good but I do have a few brown sunspots .depite using a factor 40 sunscreen everyday for the last 20 years .I am not having a chemical skin peel but I do use a very light foundation that blurs all the marks but I can still see the skin underneath . No eye shadow to get stuck in the creases just a bit of pencil to out line my lashes a bit of natural coloured blush ( again the more expensive makes are finer milled and its hard to apply too much Lancôme blush subtile is good )a bit of mascara and a lip colour that is just a bit darker than my lips . No garish reds pinks oranges etc .if you really don’t know where to begin Bobbi brown is a good place to start .
3 your best friend is Lycra . Not the body con tight bandage Lycra but the 1-2% added to many modern fabrics including denim and wool . Everything become so much more comfortable to wear ..

Best women clothing site for all kind of clothes for womens and girls. Check out latest trends and very interesting latest desings for ladies suits and pents, slacks, ponchos etc…

It might be a thought to have a “makeover” program for women 60+. Maybe this would encourage more designers to focus on our age group that continues to grow!

Personally, I like purchasing my wardrobe/accessories at Steinmart and Belks, especially when there are discounts and sales. Their buyers seem to focus more on the 60+ age group than other clothing stores. Belk’s has a Ralph Lauren collection where “end of season sales” make his clothing line affordable. There is nothing like a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans and jacket for comfort when traveling! Hope Ralph Lauren will be creating styles for our age group now that he is going to focus more on new designs for his company! Remember us Ralph!

Sandy Loughman
Jacksonville, FL

It is too hard to look trendy after sixty. I just love your article. Really interesting and informative. Continue the good work.

Can you please advise me on where to get clothes for very small petite women of my age as I cannot seem to find anything of this kind in Australia.

I am 5 ft 4inches tall & my weight is 55 KG & has been for most of my adult life. My parents were also very small.

Please help I am desperate. I like plain Cru Neck t’shirts & nice fitting comfortable trousers or skirts.

I’m not asking for the impossible or maybe I am.

Kind regards


Readers who hail from Australia – can you recommend any petite shops for Alison?

I am a 62 years old latin lady. I live in Puerto Rico. I have an apple figure. I am 44″ bust, 41″ waist and 43″ hips. I would like to know the best women clothing site for me to buy my clothe. Thanks for your advice!

69 years and my now silver hair is thin on top, do I get it cropped short or wear wigs? My hair up until about 5 years ago was easy to style & my best asset. I don’t feel good about my appearance now. Tell me how to deal with this issue.

I’d love to see some photos of “real life” women over 60, instead of celebs that look like a size four. Most of us are not built like these women. It’s hard to imagine yourself in an outfit when you have a belly, or hips or chubby arms, when the style being promoted has a figure we haven’t seen on us in a few years.

I also found this blog on Pinterest and have enjoyed all of the comments. I am 5’9 and weigh 200lbs. I am working on my weight and exercising and eating right. I love clothes but I want to declutter and just want to have the clothes I love wearing in my closet. I am working on giving a lot of things to AMVETS. My next issue is shoes. I love shoes but of course I can’t wear 5-6 inch heels anymore so I’m looking for comfort and style. I have learned a lot from all of you and will use some of your suggestions.

It’s amazing. I really loves your post. Thanks for sharing your advise with us. I am thankful of you.

My name is Rachpal Kaur Tulsi and I’m the Founder and Editor of an online magazine, A Dash of Spice. The magazine caters fro women in their 30s to 60s who have experienced various transitions in their lives and the magazine is a platform for women to share their story of their transitions and how they came out of it and the journey to living a fulfilled life, a place where “women inspire women.”

The magazine has a fashion/beauty section and we’re always on the lookout for contributors to this section. If any of your writers would like to contribute and article, we’ll be happy to explore it further.

as always , the only important fashion advice is to be very thin.

Brilliant post! I think when it comes to jewellery for example, it’s timeless, there’s always something that suits any age and any outfit! It’s all about being savvy with styles. Don’t ever feel unable to look stylish after a certain age, just have fun with it!

I’m 76, 4’11”, 170 lbs. I would like to find a black dress with sleeves. Don’t know where to look

I am 55, have the usual body issues following menopause, and look dramatically different from just a few years ago. So I appreciate this column and all comments. I am amazed more women don’t deal with this issue by sewing their own clothes though. There are tons of classes and blogs online, if you need to learn, and many excellent sources for fabric and supplies as well. Sure, it takes time to learn, or learn to adjust patterns if you already know the basics, but it also takes time to try on everything in a store, or return items bought on the Internet, plus you have to go through the agony of finding something remotely acceptable that is poorly made, as most ready to wear is these days. I sew all of my own clothes now, and love having control and clothes made for my body from quality fabrics. I don’t even need to use fabrics with stretch because I select styles that work without it. If you have no experience but want to give it a try, start with an easy project like a skirt that typically has just a front and back. there are many young women taking this path, I don’t understand why more mature women don’t give it a go as well…

You have hit the spot! A 72 year old bumble bee and losing height. Weight
not a problem just the whole proportions! Please please show pictures, so that I can try to make clothes for myself. I am about to hide away for good.

am in my early 60’s i want to dress comfortable, still conservative and fun……. i really dont care how the celebrities or any one else dress is not me… would love to have a blog where we can ask questions like: I am sick and tired of wearing pants!!!!! i just bought my first dress after many many years… short sleeves, knee length flair and cute… is black with white tiny shapes, can I wear a leather black jacket with it? i haven’t got the jacket yet, but i know the kind I like has to be short and a little fitted…… any suggestions ladies ? thanks,

Great, however I do not have Diane Sawyers income or budget.

I loved your posts but do you realize how truly young you are!!!! I’m 89 years old, 5 foot two and still very slim. I still want to look fashionable when I go out and I need clothes that are easy to put on and take off, no pulling over your head but something that can be easily buttoned or zipped. I am not handicapped but I think it would be nice if you showed some fashion that the handicapped woman can wear. Regardless of age or physical condition we still want to be fashionable woman!

Thank you for the feedback — I love your idea of fashion for women with disabilities! I’ll get to work on it.

One can only hope that with the lead of a very small number of aging female celebrities, it will become a norm to have loads of stock photos of women in their 60s, who are not famous with a team of people behind them working on their image, looking great. There’s an increasing number of us given the large baby boomer population, and the sooner seeing stylish older women in general–even to model the stuff recommended for them–is normal , the better!

Love this site. Also, the variety and diversity of comments from followers. I must whole-heartedly agree with ‘Dump the Frump!’ There are loads of classy and flattering clothes available and at a reasonable cost beyond sweats and over-sized tee shirts. Indeed, thrift and consignment stores have great finds at reasonable prices. Rummage and garage sales are great, too. I belong to a couple of groups for women where we swap clothing items, accessories, etc. Such fun! Also, if you sew, do a little nip ‘n tuck on a that larger size you keep eyeballing at the Goodwill. Or get a friend who sews to do it for you.
Unload the closet, tubs, boxes or piles of clothes, etc., etc., etc. you ‘might wear some day.’ Ain’t gonna happen unless you’ve set a specific goal to get into that targeted outfit or item before the next decade. Donate the clothes to a shelter or worthwhile group supporting causes for women. You’ll get a boost from decluttering. It’s liberating! Don’t whine about money down the drain. For heaven’s sake, the stuff was unused and taking up space for all of that time. You certainly didn’t get any bang for buck, did you? Nope. ‘Nuff said!
Enjoy your age. Love yourself. Turn negatives in the closet to positives. Let your personality shine. You just might surprise yourself and others. If you don’t like something, take the initiative and change it. Supposedly, it only takes 20-30 days to change or develop new habits.

Has anyone thought of home shopping as an answer to their fashion problems? Oncet you choose a designer and get familiar with the sizing it’s easy to build a faltering wardrobe. I have purchased a lot on QVC and especially find the Susan Graver collection appropriate for older women. I am 75′ 5’5 and weigh 130.

Just discovered this site and love it, however here in U.K. we don’t have the resources you ladies in America and further afield like Aus. and N.Z. do.
I have family in America and stock up on clothes every time I am over. Are you aware how lucky you are to be able to walk into loads of stores and just pick up clothes that will fit? I don’t really mind being heavy, however I have given in and am losing weight…slowly…..but it is coming off. So ladies enjoy your clothes whatever you chose to wear, at this age we have earned the right to please ONLY ourselves.

Thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on your weight loss (if you are doing it for YOU). And yes, you’re right about pleasing ourselves — I’d say that applies to any age beyond 17 (when your mom has a say).

As usual I’m late to the party (wearing short skirt and over the knee boots) at 62 mind you! So…this is a fun place …interesting mix of eclectic, modernistic and traditional thoughts.!!

Miss Clock,
Be you! Thanks for stopping by!

its really nice to see that there are fashions tips for older woman too. nice post and i will surely follow this .

Thank you for stopping by!

Very informative.. looking for the next blog post..

Need help finding jeans that fit post menopausal middle without being too big in the legs. I look like a walking apple. 63 yrs old size 16 and my muffin top is all I see. Help!!!


Hello and Happy New Year! Rather than focusing on the jeans, maybe try experimenting with different tops that draw attention to your shoulders and upper body (and away from your middle). Structured jackets and v-neck tops are good options. Very long cardigans can also work, as they provide a long, lean look. I’m thinking a long cardigan, ruched v-neck or wrap-style t-shirt, leggings and knee-high boots may be a nice look for you — that combo puts the emphasis on your top half and legs. What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by!


I’m 5’2, 106 pounds and find it difficult to find clothes that fit and are fashionable without looking like I’m 30. Suggestions? Love your tips!


Thank you for stopping by! You can try tucked-in blouses with fitted, bootcut trousers. If you go with monochrome outfits, you’ll elongate the look of your frame. Tailoring is a must for you since the off-the-rack sizes probably don’t fit the way they’re supposed to.

Also, it’s OK to look like you’re 30 if it’s who you are :). You just don’t want to give the impression you’re trying (and maybe not succeeding) to look 30.

Happy New Year!


How about stop showing “girls” in your photos. So tired of not showing older women who no longer have the body shape of a teenager. When we were young we looked like your models but let’s face it we are not them!!!


I appreciate the feedback. I apologize if you feel put off by the images. It’s really a matter of economics — if I could hold a professional shoot and choose my own models for every post, I would. We work with what we can and our hope is to share information that you can put to use to define your own style.

But I do have a question for you. If I organized a real woman’s photo shoot by recruiting our readership, would you participate? I’d love to know as this is an idea that’s been on my mind.

Best regards.


I’m 59 and don’t have 1 style but several. I can be wearing a full circle skirt and 50’s top one day and a Lagenlook outfit with either Birkenstocks or doc Martens the next day. We have many facets to our personality and it’s good to express them for yourself! I’m an ex academic with a deep interest in fashion and it’s link to the economic, social and cultural aspects of our life experience

Hey Catherine, I’d be up for that! I don’t have a perfect figure, but I do rock my grey hair. I’d be THRILLED to see what you advise for us who are 65 and ‘elder’ 😉

Hey Cynthia! Let’s do it. I’ll shoot you an email so we can coordinate.

Catherine, just found your note after a frantic-busy week. I’ll answer you soon! : )

Catherine, I Would love to participate in your photo shoot also! 61 and always up for an adventure!

Awesome! I will send you an email!


I really don’t have a style that says me. I still work and have a uniform I wear every day. I want to look nice and continue to work.

I can not find where to buy Pearl Pendant Necklace. Can you help with search? I looked on Amazon but is not available.

It’s on Mango here:

I am closing in on 60 AND HAVING A REALLY HARD TIME FINDING PANTS THAT FIT. I AM ABOUT 5’3 110LBS, BUT NO HIPS. FOR THE WINTER I BOUGHT LLBEAN SIZE 4 BAYSIDE CORDUROYS WITH THE ELASTIC WAIST. I hate the elastic look but, that particular style has the really deep pockets that I love. Also, an excellent customer service rep, who explained to me that they do have/ can tell you – dimensions of the waist size when it’s stretched to just about the max. That is the way i went with this purchase, they are elastic now, but as the elastic wears out they should still fit okay and not be slipping off no matter how much I stuff into my pockets. For spring/ summer i am sort of stumped. I am also dreading the question of comfortable really comfortable stylish everyday shoes for work (school teacher)….. that will go with whatever new pants. Advice?
I have been quite happy to read so many comments and love the encouragement. Thanks to all the contributors!

Thanks for sharing the tip on the L.L.Bean pants! As for shoes, low wedges with a stretchy strap are a good option, as are loafers. Readers — other advice to share?

Born shoes have beautiful styles — everything from sandals to work wear shoes. They run true to size, are well made, and are comfortable for all day wear. The padded insole is heavenly for the feet! Born is my go-to brand.

Check out Charleston Shoe Company. Shoes are so comfortable and stylish!

Thanks for the tip!

Very usefull information not just for older women, but for people looking for what gift they should give to their granny, mum birthday. I just love this Pearl Pendant Necklace, you mention the price, but i dont know how and from where buy it.

Nice article I just found here, its amazing. The dresses are very cute and can make older women also charming. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Was hoping for comments to be a little more specific that would include: height, weight, hippy, smaller bust, etc.

Thanks Peg! I appreciate the feedback. I think we could tackle each one of those in their own post — I’ll definitely get them on the editorial calendar.


I loved your posts but do you understand how youthful you’re!!!! I am 45 years old, 6. ft two and still quite slender. I still need to look fashionable once I move out and I want clothing that is easy to wear and take off, no pulling on your mind but something which may be easily buttoned or zipped. I’m not handicapped but I think that it will be nice if you showed some fashion that the handicapped woman will wear. Irrespective of age or physical condition we nevertheless would like to be a fashionable girl.


I’m 45! But, point taken. I think the topic of fashion for women with disabilities would be its own post however. I’ll put it in my calendar!


budget fashionista? What a joke, you provided a link to $225 jeans, are you serious?

Hi Carol,

Thanks for dropping by. I’m sorry you didn’t like what you found. 🙁 I hope you have a good day anyway.


Just want to say, who knows when you might discover a similar look at the thrift store? Such a thrill when you do!

Yes! Or even on the clearance rack, marked down 90%. I love those moments.

Hi. I have just joined this site. I need some help. I am over 60 and have just returned to the dating scene. I am also a plus size gal and would like to dress and look great for someone of my size and age. Any ideas?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. This post has some good tips: Plus size fashion for older women. You can also see all of our over-60 fashion advice here.
Take a look at those for general advice, and then feel free to reach out again with more specific questions. Have fun on the dating scene!

Actresses from Hollywood are so plastic from all the plastic surgery, I would love to see one that aged naturally.

How about Halle Berry and Charlize Theron?

It has been quoted that you are never too old too look stylish. Your age should not affect your clothing style. You can loom stylish if you wear classic colors such as red. This combination always look stylish and gives your skin a dash of blush.

Be nice to get some advice that’s NOT related to how celebrities dress…..most women don’t have the same kind of body most older celebrities do.

Thank you for the feedback! We do have a variety of posts for women over 60 here: and not all of them are celeb-inspired.

Well, I’m 62, 5 feet 2 and size 2-4. Where the hell am I going to find clothes that fit me without going to the JR department!! My SIL took me shopping for an outfit for my daughter’s up coming wedding. Dressy-casual. We went to Zara. I felt like an old lady trying to be cool in there. I did get 2 outfits but I am so unsure if they are age appropriate for me!?

I am 65 years young-i am 4’10-weigh 112 pounds.
I want to look fashionable- sexy with grace- It can be done ladies.It is hard because so many Women say mean to me about my clothing. so i wear a nice pair of slacks/jeans and a semi low cut or open blose. heels with minimal make up and jewelry. I love it!

For age over 60, it must read one. I am going to try in the way of you given ideas

Helpful blog, Thanks for sharing.

Very Helpful Blog, Thanks for Sharing.

Hi your blogs are really helpful for fashions. Nice ideas Thanks

All are good and nice. Thank you very much. Old is gold

If you surf over internet you will get tons of content related to young age fashion. This article dedicated to many mature people. Feel awesome.

Very Helpful and Informative post.

I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog.
I’m hoping to see the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well.

In fact, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me
to get my own website now 😉

I am actually grateful to the owner of this web site who has shared this fantastic piece of writing at
at this place.

your blog is really helpful for fashion. I am actually grateful to the owner of this website.

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