Spice it Up: Bold & Beautiful Plates

Confession:  I still have, and use, those dinner plates from the ’70s.  Those white ones with tiny olive daisies dotting the edge . . . yep, they’ve got a place at my table.  Bold and beautiful plates they’re not, but what can I say?  I inherited them when I got my first apartment and even though I’ve moved on in life, the plates kinda stuck.

Sure, they’re cute in a vintage “what’s old is new again” kind of way but who I am kidding?  After a while, the joke about being born in the 70s gets old.  Sigh.

Time for me to spice things up, don’t ya think?  No more dinner parties with my inherited daisy plates.  Bring on the bold!

Time to spice things up in the dishware department.  While I won’t be tossing my vintage memories, I do plan on buying some bold and beautiful plates to bring my ladies’ night in parties into this decade.  Why not create a more festive mood with a more untraditional and fun style?

Goodbye typical round plates or box-bought sets found in every other kitchen.  Break into the world of unusual shaped plates, different textures, brighter colors and unexpected designs.  A few unique salad or dinner plates for a small get-together do the trick.  All it takes to make table settings pop are a handful of eye-catching plates tossed in the mix.  Hmmm . . . kind of like fashion:  breaking away from our comfort zone with bolder styles can do wonders.

Make Table Settings Pop with These Bold & Beautiful Plates

So yes, I’m ready to move my good ‘ole daisy plates to the other side of the cabinet and introduce my kitchen table – and my friends – to bolder plates.  Here are some plate styles that caught my eye.  It’s all about being different and memorable!

Thinking about getting new plates?  Drop a note in the comment section below and let us know what you think of the ones here.



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