From earrings to shoes, accessories are the supporting cast of any ensemble. Choose accessories well, and they’re like the soft, glowing spotlight on your outfit. Everything else looks better. Wear the wrong accessories and, well, you know how that turns out. Read our best accessories advice here.

Close up of women's legs with bright pink platform sneakers

The 5 Best Women’s Sneaker Trends This Fall

I have a thing for sneakers. They’re comfortable and stylish, the right pair can transform an outfit, and they wear well with 70% of the stuff in my closet — namely, shorts, jersey dresses,...
close up of woman wearing crystal jewelry

Feeling Stress? Try Budget-Friendly Crystal Jewelry for Well Being and Style

You could easily argue for or against the healing powers of crystals. But you would have trouble arguing that crystals and crystal jewelry aren’t inherently beautiful. A piece of rose quartz, for example, can...
Collage of Hayley Hughes modeling mini handbags

Hayley Hughes Inspired! 4 Mini Handbag Picks to Bring out Your Inner Sexpot

Who says you need to bare it all to turn up the sex appeal? Sure, you could wear body-hugging fabrics and flash some skin when you’re feeling seductive — that’s guaranteed to turn heads....
Woman wearing large hoops

Bedazzled! 5 of the Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Now’s about the time we could all use some self-care, right? And your style of self-care might be a bubble bath infused with essential oils, or a glass of Cabernet on the patio. But...
Woman wearing chunky pearl necklace

Trend Alert: 7 Chic Pearl Accessories of the Moment

Pearl accessories may bring to mind visions of Lucille Ball, Charlotte York, or maybe your dear grandma Mary. Pearls, like so many other fashion trends, have adopted many personalities over the years — ranging...
Accessories 1

WFH Footwear — 5 Stylish Footwear Options We’re Obsessed About

It’s probably been a while since you last wore that your fav pair of designer shoes you picked off the clearance rack. Even your ballet flats may not have seen the light of day...
Woman wearing pastel accessories

These 5 Gorgeous Pastel Accessories Will Jumpstart Your Spring Wardrobe

The other day, I saw the most exciting thing: tulips just beginning to sprout from the cold, grey dirt. That’s my cue to celebrate the survival of another winter. Those tiny, bright green stalks...
Mini backpack on a wood background

Mini Backpacks Are One ’90s Trend We’re Thrilled to See Return

Mini backpacks are back! Compact, convenient, and oh-so-stylish, the mini backpack is a '90s trend that's having another moment. Here are four picks to buy now!
Woman with purse for spring

Purses for Spring — Top 5 Gorgeous Purse Styles

If you’re ready to retire the hefty tote you hauled around all winter and embrace something lighter and fresher for the season, here are five purses for spring that are sure to step up...
close up of woman's engagement ring

Engagement Rings for Women — 8 Stunning Styles that Inspire

Thank you to Diamonds USA for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. Searching for interesting engagement rings for women? Check your feeds. Celebrities are at the forefront of engagement ring styles. Granted,...
Woman wearing sunglasses

Winter Sunglasses — Gorgeous Styles to Keep Your Eyes Protected from the Sun (and to Up Your Style Game)

Thank you to SmartBuyGlasses for sponsoring this post about winter sunglasses. All opinions are my own. Did you know the earth is closest to the sun in early-January? It’s true! Despite January being the...
Accessories 2

Hands-Free Style: This Classic Bag Is A Celeb Favorite That’s Perfect For Fall And Beyond

Ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram posts tagged with #crossbodybag just for fun? Hey, it makes sense. Crossbody bags are chic, and the ladies who love them on your feeds tend to wear really...
Woman trying on trending fall shoes

Trending Fall Shoes You Can Actually Wear

We can’t resist a chic pair of shoes — and the change of seasons provides the perfect excuse to invest in a few new styles. So, of course, we scoured the interwebs for trending...
Woman with striped scarf tied in her hair

Heads Up! Pretty Summer Hair Scarves Under $20

Easy, breezy hairstyles are having their moment this year, and we’re pretty happy about it. I’d rather be outside, having fun than inside styling my hair, any day of the week. But even so,...
Close up of a wood watch

10 Ultra Chic Wood Watch Outfit Ideas

Thank you to Jord Watches for collaborating and providing the Fieldcrest wood watch featured in this post. I know you’ve seen them: wood watches have been dazzling the wrists of stylish people since 2016....
Close up of woman wearing neon strap up sandals

10 Spring Shoe Trends to Style Up Your Wardrobe

Thank you to FSJ Shoes for sponsoring this post about spring shoe trends. All opinions are my own. Clothing designers do their best to keep things interesting, season after season. This time around, they’re...
Target spring accessories: girl shopping sunglasses in store

Target Run: Cheap Accessories for Spring

It’s hard to imagine a world without Target, or Tarjay as us old-timers like to say. Sure, we remember the days when no store could mingle fashion and toilet bowl cleaner quite so well....
Accessories 3

How to Wear Ankle Booties According to Instagram

It could easily be one of the most stylish and enduring options to enter the fray in years. The world of women’s footwear is nothing if not creative, but few have earned props for...
Stylish woman wearing a fanny pack

Baby Got Pack! The Cutest Fanny Packs (on a Budget)

So, the fanny pack. At one time, the fanny pack signaled excessive practicality, and not in a good way. But no more. You can thank designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors for...
Accessories 4

Spring Jewelry Trends: Which to Wear & Which to Ignore

Fashion designers will have you wearing 12-inch dangling earrings and thick charms this season, but I’m taking a different approach. Frankly, I’m over the heavy jewelry look. I don’t care much that Valentino models...
Close up of black cowboy boots

How to Wear Trendy Cowboy Boots

Considering cowboy boots were just about everywhere during New York Fashion Week for S/S 2019, it only makes sense that we’re watching these classic shoes with renewed interest. Can anyone pull them off, or...
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