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Five Quick Ways to Get That Beach Hair Look

Beach hair: the wave, texture, and bounce you get from spending an entire day at the beach. Perhaps it’s the salt from the water, maybe it’s the dust from the sand, or it could be that your mane is finally free from all the product and fuss that it just lets loose. Whatever it is, beach hair is beautiful, simple, and looks great with any outfit on or off the beach.

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So, how can you get the beach hair look without getting all salty and sandy? Luckily, it only takes five easy steps.


1. Consider your haircut. Yes, beach hair works best with layers, no matter how long. Ideally, your hair hits at least your shoulders. Generally, most women can achieve the look.

2. Wash it. Some people think the key is to have slightly “dirty” hair – false! Wash your hair so it’s clean, fresh, and vibrant. DO NOT BLOW DRY, but let your hair air dry.

3. Pick your product. Yes, just one. Whether it’s mousse, gel, spray, or cream, pick your favorite. I tend to prefer creams or mousses since they don’t have a super strong hold and let hair have that loose bounce we all love. Texturizing Beach Salt Spray ($5.99) is great or Fructis Surf Cream (under $10) is wonderful, as well. Use the product on damp hair and let air dry.

4. Fingers through hair. Unwrap your towel and use a few squirts of product and run it throughout your hair. Your hair should be damp. Then, you can take locks of hair and scrunch in your hand. Do this as it dries.

5. Once hair is dry, use a tad more product and a few more scrunches. Or, give  a once-over with hair spray to lock it all in place.

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