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Bandanas: The New Must-try Trend

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If Coachella and Fashion Week gave us any one tip on the accessory trend-front, it’s that things are staying in the Wild West for awhile. We may have blown through full-on fringe moments, cowboy-inspired head wear and our fair share of suede between the winter and spring months, but for summer, it’s all about working in that classic paisley print in the bandana.

Why We Love Bandanas

It’s convenient. Small enough to tie into your outfit on even the warmest of days, this essential summer trend piece is lightweight, versatile and most importantly, easy to find. You can snag the old-school favorite at your local Rite Aid and 99 cent store or splurge a few extra bucks and go for a higher end version.

It’s practical. Around the neck, on a bag, or in the hair, this affordable accessory has been worn for centuries. We know the bandana today mostly for its All-American, working-class roots.

And then, of course, Hollywood plays up the bandana’s rugged personality by pairing them with dashing fictional-movie cowboys. The sign of a traveler, in its ranching and exploring heyday, the bandana saved the day as a tourniquet, a sling, a headband, shade from the heat and coverage from dust and more. Bandanas are the unsung heroes of westerns

How to Wear a Bandana

Girl wearing t shirt and bandana around her neck

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Today’s city slickers have adopted the tradition–and put their own spin on it–wearing it as a kerchief around the neck, rolled and tied like a Cub Scout, accessorized on the arms, and even around the ankles. Lately, we’ve seen it on bloggers and starlet celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, but we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t wanted to give the ol’ paisley a go, too.

Play up the Wrangler look with your favorite pair of jeans, or use it as a rugged finishing touch to offset an utterly feminine dress. Or, fasten it on your carryall, then tie it up into your hair later when you want to shake up your look.

The basic bandana is the must-have multi-tasker that does it all, and effortlessly so. Make the most of this of-the-moment adornment with cool new knots and unique folds — the possibilities for making it all your own are endless

What’s your favorite bandana look for the summer? Leave a comment and let us know.