Heads Up! Pretty Summer Head Wraps Under $20

It’s official: we can finally say, “it’s summer!”  Summer and all its sunny glory arrived on June 21st and we think a great way to declare our love of the season is with pretty summer headwraps.  From tropical designs to floral patterns, summery headwraps are the perfect way to keep hair beautiful.

Not only do these head wraps scream summer, but they’re practical, too.  They keep strands from sticking to our suntan-lotioned faces (how annoying is it when that happens?) and they’re perfect for days when we want to drive with the windows down (waves from the beach, not our hair, belong in our sights, right?).  These summery head wraps do the trick.

Bonus:  they’re not just for long-haired ladies.  Head wraps look adorable on shorter hairstyles too, making them a great accessory for everyone.

Take hold of summer in style, gals.

Hair we Go: Eight Pretty Summer Head Wraps for Sun Lovin’ Ladies!

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We want to know: what summer head wraps are your faves?



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