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Where to Buy Bras Online: 18 Bra Stores You’ll Love

If you’re old enough, you might remember the days when women mostly bought bras at department stores. You browsed the same-old, same-old brands and took home the options that were least uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the bra market has evolved. Today we have many options, including some that probably in whatever boob problem ails you. So let’s get you up to speed on where to buy bras online in the modern era. Here are 18 bra stores to check out the next time you need to refill your underwear drawer. Consider this the bra version of our all-time most popular post: 40+ stores to shop for fashion online.

Rear view of woman taking off her bra as a concept for where to buy bras online.

1. HSIA for minimizer bras

HSIA specializes in beautiful and supportive minimizer bras for D through I cups. The designs are surprisingly feminine in appearance, even though they have the strength to support curvy women.

  • Prices: $30-$40
  • Sizes: S-XL for sports bras and C through I cups
  • Bra styles:
  • Design aesthetic:
  • Also sells: Panties, sleepwear, and lingerie
  • Returns are free.

2. Third Love for comfort

Third Love has a cult-like following. Women say these bras are the most comfortable around, albeit at a spendy price tag. Find your perfect size using Third Love’s virtual fit consultation. Or, if you’d rather DIY things, try ThirdLove’s fit guide quiz.

  • Bra prices: $50 to $90
  • Sizes:  32A through 44H, with ½ cup sizes
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, wireless, full coverage, unlined, lace, bralette, strapless, plunge, sports, racerback
  • Design aesthetic: Take your pick from vintage to modern
  • Also sells: Panties, lounge wear and sleepwear
  • Returns are free within 60 days of purchase.

3. CUUP for great fit

CUUP, like Third Love, offers virtual fittings to get you into the right bra size. The brand also uses comfortable, sleek, lightweight fabrics without embellishments to make bras that feel great and look amazing underneath your clothes.

  • Bra prices: $50 to $70
  • Sizes: 30A through 44H
  • Bra styles: Plunge, scoop, balconette, demi, t-shirt
  • Design aesthetic: Modern and minimal  
  • Also sells: Panties, swimwear
  • Returns are free within 30 days of purchase.

4. Savage x Fenty for sexy at a lower price  

Channel your inner Rihanna with Savage X Fenty bras, which can only be described as fierce. But then, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand with Riri’s name on it.

Savage x Fenty has a monthly subscription plan that earns you discounts of 25% or more off regular prices. As a member you pay $59.95 monthly, but you can optionally skip any month. Each month you are charged, you can build a bundle of two items up to $39.95 each. You also get a member credit for a free item.

  • Bra prices: $40 to $50 or less if you are an Xtra VIP member
  • Sizes: 30A to 44H
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, push-up, bralettes, unlined, balconette, strapless, demi cup, half cup, sports bras
  • Design aesthetic: Modern and sexy  
  • Also sells: Panties, lingerie, lounge wear, sleepwear, activewear, men’s underwear
  • Returns are free in the U.S. within 90 days of purchase.

5. Bare Necessities for selection and reputation

Bare Necessities has been around for decades. In that time, they’ve probably learned a thing or two about what women want in their bras. That may be why the store’s selection is so broad — we women like choice, after all. You can also use Bare Necessities virtual bra fittings to get help finding your size.

  • Bra prices: $60 to $160 unless there’s a sale  
  • Sizes: 30A to 44I, depending on bra style
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, wireless, minimizer, strapless, bralettes, sports bras, wire-free, side support, seamless, front-close, push-up, racerback, nursing and maternity, balconette, and plunge
  • Design aesthetic: Classic to playful  
  • Also sells: Panties, swimwear, activewear, sleepwear, lingerie, and shapewear
  • You pay the shipping on your returns. Or, use Bare Necessities’ label and they’ll deduct $6.95 from your refund for the shipping.

6. Lively for the in-store option

Lively competes with CUUP and Third Love, marketing itself as the most stylish and comfortable bra brand. You can book a virtual fitting with a Lively specialist. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to walk into a Lively retail store to try before you buy. You’ll find those stores in hip towns of course, including Chicago, Austin, Boston, Dallas, and Soho.

  • Bra prices: $45  
  • Sizes: 32A to 38DDD
  • Bra styles: No-wire, underwire, t-shirt, unlined, strapless, push-up, bralette, sports bras, nursing bras  
  • Design aesthetic: Sleek and simple
  • Also sells: Panties, lounge wear, activewear, swimwear, accessories  
  • You can return items within 30 days of purchase.

7. Spanx for softness

Spanx, the shapewear brand, has expanded its reach into bras, panties, and even clothes. Spanx bras prioritize body-hugging softness. Users say the straps are secure without being rigid and the cups mold gently to your shape.

  • Bra prices: $58 to $75
  • Sizes: 30A to 42DDD   
  • Bra styles: Bandeaus, bralettes, camis, demi, full coverage, minimizer bras, nursing bras
  • Design aesthetic: Sleek and modern
  • Also sells: Panties, activewear, women’s apparel, shapewear, maternity bras, and men’s undershirts
  • Returns shipped from the U.S. are free within 90 days of purchase.

7. Knix for wireless support

Knix specializes in wireless bras. The brand has a nice seamless line-up. Curvy women will appreciate the molded foam cups that deliver extra support with the wire. Knix also has store locations in California and Canada.

  • Bra prices: $50 to $65  
  • Sizes:  28A to 42H
  • Bra styles: Wireless, sports bras, nursing bras
  • Design aesthetic: Simple and sleek
  • Also sells: Period panties, activewear, and swimwear
  • Bra returns are free within 30 days of purchase. You can return bras after wearing and washing them, if you schedule a fit consultation first.

8. Pepper for small sizes

Pepper, in its own words, specializes in “bras for small boobs.” The brand sells bras in AA to B cup sizes only, and customers rave about their comfort and fit. Shallow cups, mesh lifts, and soft elastic provide a flattering, easy-to-wear look for the smaller chest.

  • Bra prices: $55 to $65
  • Sizes: 30AA to 42B  
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, underwire, wire-free, strapless, and maternity
  • Design aesthetic: Sleek and smooth
  • Also sells: Panties and accessories  
  • Returns are free within 30 days of purchase.

9. Truekind for wireless support

Truekind sells stretchy, wireless bras that have a sports bra style. They’re tough enough to handle big bosoms, though. The Wireless Shaper bra, for example, fits up to a 48DD. The stretchy construction allows for straps without adjusters, so the only hardware is the hook at the back.

  • Bra prices: $40 to $50 unless there’s a sale  
  • Sizes: S to 4XL, which equates to 28DD to 48DD
  • Bra styles: Wireless, sports bras, and bralettes
  • Design aesthetic: Sporty
  • Also sells: Panties and accessories
  • You pay $4.95 for return shipping if you use Truekind’s label.

10. Harper Wilde for sporty comfort

Innovative features give you ultimate adjustability for a comfortable fit. Harper Wilde’s t-shirt bra, for example, has straps that adjust from the front plus can quickly convert into a racerback style. And, the microfiber construction gives you breathable, soft support.

  • Bra prices: $45 to $55  
  • Sizes: 32A to 42F   
  • Bra styles: Wireless, t-shirt, underwire, bralette, sports bra, and nursing
  • Design aesthetic: Sporty, no-frills
  • Also sells: Panties  
  • You can return bras within 90 days of purchase but the shipping fees you paid will be deducted from your refund.

11. Soma for color choice

Soma is part of the White House Black Market and Chico’s family. The brand features a large selection of bras with simple, smooth styling, plus a few options with a touch of lace.  You can find options in pretty colors with a touch of lace. The color options are extensive, which is nice for anyone who likes simplicity but is bored with white and nude.

  • Bra prices: $50 to $65
  • Sizes: 32B to 42H  
  • Bra styles: Wireless, t-shirt, unlined, bralette, push-up, strapless, and sports bra
  • Design aesthetic: Sleek with a hint of sex appeal
  • Also sells: Panties, sleepwear, women’s apparel, and swimwear
  • You can return your purchase within 60 days to a Soma store for free. If you mail the return, Soma will deduct $7 for return shipping.

12. Natori for special occasions

Natori’s bra collection, on the whole, has more embellishment than modern brands like CUUP and Lively. The range of price points reflects this. You can buy a Natori contour underwire bra for $55 or a lace bustier for $160. Also, the return policy is restrictive — but then if you are shopping Natori like a department store, you might spend the $300 needed to get free returns.

  • Bra prices: $30 to $130
  • Sizes: 30B to 40G, depending on style
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, underwire, full coverage, convertible, bralette, push-up, strapless, unlined, sports bra, wireless, and maternity
  • Design aesthetic: Feminine
  • Also sells: Sleep and lounge wear, women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and home décor  
  • U.S. returns are free on orders over $300. If your order total was less than $300, you pay $5 for return shipping.

13. Chantelle for pretty, fuss-free styling

Chantelle has been making women’s foundation garments since 1876. Notably, the company was the first to introduce a stretchable girdle and instantly became a success. That alone is enough of a reason to support this brand — though you might also like the pretty and modern styling and large color selection.

  • Bra prices: $60 to $85   
  • Sizes: 30E to 38F, depending on style  
  • Bra styles: Wired, wire free, t-shirt, full coverage, minimizer, demi cup, plunge, bralette, and nursing
  • Design aesthetic: Modern
  • Also sells: Panties
  • Returns are free within 60 days of purchase.

14. Skims for your inner Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand started out with shapewear and has since expanded into loungewear, swim, and bras. Taking the body-hugging feel of shapewear and turning into a bra collection has been a winning formula for Skims. Shoppers say these bras are super comfortable, stretchy, and soft.

  • Bra prices: $44 to $58
  • Sizes: 32A to 44F
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, scoop, demi cup, balconette, plunge, strapless, unlined, and push up.
  • Design aesthetic: Sleek and no frills  
  • Also sells: Panties, swimwear, shapewear, and women’s athleisure
  • You pay $6 return shipping fee on U.S. returns made within 30 days of purchase.

15. True & Co. for simplicity and convenience

True sells its bras exclusively on Amazon, which has its benefits. You can stock up on your foundation pieces while you’re buying almond flour and a wrench — all with Prime free shipping and easy returns.

  • Bra prices: $44 to $64
  • Sizes: 32A to 44DDD
  • Bra styles: Push-up, sports bra, and bralette
  • Design aesthetic: Sporty and wire free  
  • Also sells: Panties and loungewear
  • Returns are free within 30 days.

16. Lulalu for small sizes

If you wear an AA cup, you’ll appreciate Lulalu’s bra selection and its fit guarantee. You can return Lulalu’s bras even after you’ve worn them. The thing that’s a little odd, though, is that you have to leave the bra’s tags on…so that guarantee could be better. Fortunately, you can probably avoid the hassle of the return, by using Lulalu’s bra fit guide or texting a rep for personalized advice.  

  • Bra prices: $58 to $64
  • Sizes: 32A to 42AAA
  • Bra styles: T-shirt, convertible, strapless, push-up, and bralette
  • Design aesthetic: Softly feminine
  • Also sells: Panties
  • Returns are free within 60 days.

17. Adore Me for showing off

Adore Me prioritizes style. The bra collection doesn’t bother with nudes and whites — everything is colorful and lacy. You’d shop these when you expect your undergarments to be seen and admired, err, adored.

You can buy Adore Me pieces on a one-off basis, but there’s also a membership subscription. You pay $39.95 monthly for store credit and every sixth set you buy is free.

  • Bra prices: $55 to $65
  • Sizes:   
  • Bra styles: Push-up, unlined, t-shirt, full coverage, strapless, racerback, bralette, and wireless
  • Design aesthetic: Sexy and lacy
  • Also sells: Panties, sleep wear, loungewear, lingerie, and activewear
  • Exchanges are free, but returns have a $5.95 restocking fee.

18. Everlane

Everlane isn’t a bra shop per se, but the beloved brand does have a collection of bras and underwear. Everlane’s known for its sustainability focus. The store’s Invisible Bra, for example, is made of regenerated nylon. Everlane has also cut out 90% of virgin plastics from its supply chain.

  • Bra prices: $35
  • Sizes: XXS to XXL    
  • Bra styles: Bralette
  • Design aesthetic: Seamless and minimal
  • Also sells: Panties and women’s apparel
  • Bras are not eligible for returns, so make sure you know your size before you buy.

Now you know where to buy bras online — whether you have small girls or big ones, or hate underwire or love it. Happy shopping ladies!

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