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How to Wear Ankle Booties According to Social Media

It could easily be one of the most stylish and enduring options to enter the fray in years. The world of women’s footwear is nothing if not creative, but few have earned props for versatility with as much aplomb as the ankle boot. The ubiquitous shoe moves seamlessly from one outfit to the next as easily as it does from one season to the next.

You can just as easily wear your ankle boots on a relaxed weekend with a pair of jeans and a cozy plaid shirt, as with a suit to the office. As corporate as they are chill, ankle booties express the depth of your sartorial preferences and provide you with a dependable pair of shoes that work well even when you’re going from desk to date.

The answer, then, to the question of how to wear ankle booties is fairly simple. Wear them any way you’d like. And if you need some inspo to send you in the right direction, read on for six ankle boot outfits we love.

How to wear ankle booties 6 ways

1. To balance a spring-fresh ensemble

There’s much to take away from this look, which is refreshingly simple yet thoughtfully complex in its own way.

Would you normally pair a cute off-shoulder top with a pair of stretchy leggings and amazing ankle boots in a neutral tone? Probably not, but as @takenby1h2b illustrates, adding booties to your warm-weather wear is a great way to create some balance when it’s not quite steamy enough to break out the pedicure-baring sandals.

2. To show off your springtime pedi

No two pairs of ankle boots are the same, which is a key point to keep in mind if you do want to show off that pedicure and you have a burning desire to wear some hot boots.

Look for a pair that allows you to do just that, thanks to open toes and a stylish side split that adds balance. These look just right with frayed jeans and a simple white top (and that fiery red pedi, naturally), as @rachelschicbtq shows.

3. To complement a black dress

Black booties + a black dress = perfection. The effect is effortless, comfortable, and stylish all at once.

The shoes add visual intrigue and a saucy vibe, thanks to those metallic embellishments. The beauty of the look is that the shoes do much of the work here — another point to consider if you’re wearing a dress that’s relatively simple.

4. To refresh a summery frock

As warm weather finally breaks through, it’s time to embrace the lighter hues of the spectrum. But can you really wear ankle boots with them? Absolutely, as @melissa.namowitz shows with such grace.

Her relaxed, comfortable dress adorned with blossoms is the ideal companion for her country-chic, open-toe ankle boots. These styles are best worn with dresses so that you can show off their impeccable detailing.

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5. To add a pop of color

It’s so refreshing to see a pair of ankle boots that isn’t gray, black, brown, or another relatively safe shade. While we love all of those dearly for their ability to wear well with everything, there’s always room for a little color.

Check out the model from @jbloomshoes, whose soft, blush-toned booties look right at home with her matching blazer. It’s a flawless look from tip to toe, and the lighter hue also elongates the leg beautifully.

6. To bring a little sizzle to the mix

You’ve got your blue jeans, your cream blouse, your black bag…and your sexy red ankle boots. What better way to make a pair of demure boots the star of the show?

If you want to wear a show-stopping shade like this, it’s always smart to do as she did and pair it with a few comfortable, timeless basics. A matching bag is a chic finishing touch!

6. To wear instead of high heels

It would seem sensible to step into a pair of heels if you’re wearing something posh and pulled together. But where’s the fun in that?

The beauty of this look is that it doesn’t follow the rules. It’s all about adventure — just take in the chic leather blazer and the paper bag waist, midcalf, wide legged pant, which look amazingly at home with a pair of sexy black ankle booties.

Ankle Bootie Styles to Try

Ready to step into a pair of ankle boots of your own? Keep these chic styles in mind for your wardrobe.

The open-toe

Perfect to wear with skirts and dresses in light hues, this taupe bootie is a classic choice that fits seamlessly into any wardrobe. Use them to show off a gorgeous springtime pedicure!

Studded style

A bootie with a low-profile heel is a great choice if you’re averse to chunkier styles but still want to add just a little height. These are cute for work or for play, with skirts and leggings alike.

Boots in color

Interested in adding a pop of color to your outfit? Try these sizzling dark red boots, which feature block heels and are perfect with the whites and grays in your closet.

The old classic

Everyone should have at least a single pair of classic booties in her wardrobe with a heel that’s just high enough. In black suede, these fit the bill nicely.