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Retail Therapy — Etsy Jewelry Shops Edition

Etsy is a mecca of vintage-meets-crafty fabulousness. Like Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, it sucks me in like a glitter-filled black hole where I spend hours clicking through steampunk couture clothing, retro bubblegum pink telephones and radios, hand-stamped stationery and elegant/kitschy/whimsical jewelry.

Seriously. Etsy causes my otherwise stingy self to delve into a dangerous world of impetuous fiscal behavior. On occasion I’m plagued with buyer’s remorse, but if I find a great deal on a piece of eye candy-— one that’s sure to earn me sidewalk oohs and ahhs and make me feel like a fashion goddess — I know I made a worthwhile purchase.

Today I’m singing the praises of five different Etsy stores that specialize in inexpensive, kitschy-cute jewelry. And since these pieces make a big impact, you don’t need to cover yourself from head to toe in them. If you want to remain fashion-savvy, choose one, maybe two to wear as your statement pieces and you’ll be set for the day.

Affordable Etsy Jewelry Shops We Love


Gold stud earrings from Etsy

If you have pierced ears, you’ll love the selection of gold and rose gold stud earrings available at HookAndMatter. While the 14k gold pieces are a little pricy, you will find some amazing low-priced pieces like faceted chunky geometric studs and rose gold hammered studs.


Dainty earring from Etsy

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For Instagram-worthy jewelry on a budget, check out NUUKDesigns on Etsy. These statement pieces focus on linear and geometric shapes rather than glitz and glam for a simple, casual look.


Gold fringe style necklace pendant

Kurafuchi is a line of minimalist jewelry with touches of boho style. These handcrafted pieces include timeless options like these thin dainty gold hammered rings to on-trend, of-the-moment pieces like this gold fringe boho layering necklace.


Dangling flower earrings

At AmberSky, you’ll find a wide selection of intricate pieces that look far more expensive than they actually are. And that’s a beautiful thing. From flower dangle earrings for under $50 to intricate charm bracelets and bridal necklaces, you’ll love the bright colors and superior craftsmanship.

Recycled Beautifully

Colorful pendant necklace on black chord

Jewelry found at Recycled Beautifully is a two birds, one stone situation. The Etsy store sells recycled jewelry, which is good for the environment, and the pieces are super chic and affordable. The handmade, wire-wrapped jewelry is made of colorful gemstones with an eye-catching ‘Tree of Life’ wire design.

These are my Etsy shop picks. For this week, anyway. Do you have others to recommend? Let me know in the comments.

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