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How to Score 2024’s Hottest Jewelry Trends on a Budget

The Spring/Summer 2024 runways have long been over. As always, they’ve left behind thousands of clothing, accessory, and jewelry style ideas for budget fashionistas to dream about, and for fast fashion houses to interpret and release to the masses.

Runway jewelry trends are always particularly drool-worthy — and the hardest to implement on a budget. You could easily drop $1,000 or more on a stunning and trendy piece. But then what? Wear it a few times this season and then watch it gather dust as you wait for that trend to cycle back again?

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Nope. I’m not doing that. I’m guessing you’re not either.

So let’s talk about other options. Below are six 2024 jewelry trends plus five strategies for scoring said trends without blowing your budget. You may also want to see my easy jewelry styling tips and how to keep costume jewelry from turning your skin green as complements to this post.

1. Know what’s hot

The first rule of wearing what’s in style is knowing what’s in style. The six most interesting jewelry themes I saw in designer spring collections are statement earrings, brooches, cuffs, long loops, chain links, and no jewelry at all.

Statement earrings

I could write an entire post about the use of earrings in the spring 2024 collections. Designers chose big and bubbly, long and dangling, futuristic sculptural pieces, and mismatched pairs. Alexander McQueen and Sacai opted for the mismatch featuring a curving, modern shape on one side teamed with a heavy drop earring on the other.

Takeaway: Get creative with earrings this spring. Go bigger and bolder than ever, if you please.


Cuff bracelets are back. And you can choose your style. The couture collection by Armani Prive featured a chain mail inspired cuff while other designers opted for brightly colored pieces worn high on the arm.

Takeaway: Designers pair cuffs with formal dresses, but this is a versatile trend. Team a cuff with a sundress in the spring or even jeans and a t-shirt for a new twist on your casual looks.


The vintage-inspired brooch made several appearances, too. Carolina Herrera’s spring couture collection used a bouquet-inspired brooch, while Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear show featured 2D, cloth brooches.  

Takeaway: What’s old is new again. A brooch is a different way to upgrade a blouse or sweater for anyone who’s worn out their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Long necklace layers

Necklace layers are back in style, but we’re not limited to chokers and short chains. This spring, you can wear long chains — with lengths ranging from cleavage-skimming and stretching down to your belly button. Take a page from Chanel’s ready-to-wear collection and add eclectic, boho-inspired beeds and pendants for a more dynamic look.

Takeaway: Skip the lightweight scarf this spring and go for a long necklace grouping instead. Chain lengths of 22 inches or longer are on point.

Not surprisingly, the fashion gods bring us contrasting jewelry trends this year. If you don’t like the long-and-lean necklace vibe, try chunky chain links. Wear them at your neck, wrist, or ears. Take a peek at images from Rokh and Sacai ready-to-wear collections for inspiration.

Takeaway: You can go lightly into the chain link trend with a link that’s just larger than your comfort zone. Pair a shorter-length link with an open neckline so the piece sits on your skin only.

No jewelry trend

Despite the preference for big, bold jewelry pieces in spring collections, some designers went light on accessories. Images from Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga, and Ellie Saab collections use little to no jewelry at all.

Takeaway: You can skip the jewelry this spring and still be on trend. If that feels too naked, go for a simple, delicate piece. A pair of spherical studs is a good choice, or a pretty and petite heart necklace.

2. Check Amazon and Etsy

Now, let’s talk about how to dabble in these jewelry trends without breaking the bank. You don’t want to invest a bunch of dough into brooches and cuffs. These are likely to be short-lived. So, it doesn’t make sense to drop $100 or more on something you will wear for one season.

As a first stop, shop Amazon and Etsy. Amazon is a good place for long necklaces, link-style pieces, and bold earrings. Try Etsy for unique sculptural pieces.

3. Make your own

You can also make your own jewelry. Hit up Joanne’s Fabrics or Michaels for long chains and low-cost pendants to build your own boho necklace stack. You can also buy $7 rhodium cuffs with inlays for gemstones, wire, or clay to make your own statement bracelet.

4. Ask your mom

Raid the jewelry boxes of your elders to join in the vintage trends of spring, 2024. You might find, brooches, cuffs, and long necklaces from the 1970s that would complement your wardrobe perfectly.

5. Shop used

If you don’t have older relatives who saved their decades-old jewelry, shop used. My recommendation would be to walk into an actual thrift store rather than trying Poshmark or Thredup. While it’s easier to search for the pieces you want online, the deals in brick-and-mortar thrift and consignment stores may be better.

You can get the hottest jewelry looks of the season without spending a fortune. Try shopping vintage and eclectic pieces on Amazon, Etsy, or in thrift stores. You can also DIY unique pieces with some simple supplies from your favorite craft stores.

Next season, when cuffs and brooches have fallen out of the limelight, you’ll be thrilled you didn’t overspend on those looks.   

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