Baby Got Pack! Our Fav Fanny Packs Under $30

So, the fanny pack. At one time, the fanny pack signaled excessive practicality, and not in a good way — but no more. You can thank designer brands like Louis Vitton, Gucci and Michael Kors for bringing the fanny pack back in a stylish way that no one saw coming.

And why not love the fanny pack? Even the high-fashion versions (sometimes called waist bags, waist pouches or belt bags) are still oh-so-handy. Fanny packs free up your hands for fun in the sun. They’re light, comfortable, and secure. Unlike a purse or a book bag, a fanny pack wraps around the waist to take the pressure off your shoulders and back. That means you get to keep your hands free and maintain your posture.

Your stylish fanny pack options are on the rise — the challenge is finding one with a reasonable price tag. I’ve solving that one right now for you with four fabulous, on-trend fanny pack picks, each for less than $30.

4 Affordable, On-trend Fanny Packs

The Bold and The Restless

CTM® Womens Canvas Chevron Print Waist Pack, $22.95,

Bold stripes make this fanny pack slightly prep school, but still tons of fun. The rose gold zipper and black tassel are welcome contrasts to the bold stripes, but also add allure to the piece. The adjustable leather straps makes this pack ideal for different waist sizes and suitable for any casual outfit.

The Neon Athlete 

Victoria’s Secret Stretch Hip Pack, $29.50, Victoria’s Secret

This sporty fanny pack is simple and bright, perfect if you’re looking to stand out in the summer sun. It has a small zipper with just enough space for some change and your keys. Put on your yoga pants and bright sneakers and you’re set.

Resort Style

Avenue Dee Leaf Fanny Pack Forever 21- $23.99

I love the island/resort vibe of this fanny pack from Forever21. The contrasting zipper ads a modern pop of color to the design. If you’re looking for an  accessory to add to a fun care-free outfit, this is the fanny for you.

Leafy Green

fashion fanny packs - woman wearing styled fanny pack

Peter Pan Cotton Fanny Pack, $19.39, Overstock 

This isn’t your average fanny pack. This beautiful leaf looks to have more space than the others, plus the shape and the overall hand craftiness make this one a winner. I am so convinced that this pack would look good on anyone! Open the front flap of the leaf to find a smaller zip-up compartment. The Velcro strap is also a notable feature, since many fanny packs are secured with a fastener. For under $20, you can’t beat a unique product imported from the beautiful country of Nepal. Another plus: this fanny pack is mostly brown, so you can consider this one for daily wear: work, school, and quick errands. (Editor’s note: I couldn’t agree more on this pack. I just ordered one and I’ll post pix on our Instagram when it arrives!) 

So now that the fanny pack is back, which one is your favorite? Let us know below!



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