Going Off-Trend: 5 Classic Jewelry Picks for Spring

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This post about jewelry picks for spring is brought to you by Chamilia. All opinions are my own.

Fashion designers will have you wearing 12-inch dangling earrings and body chains this spring, but I’m taking a different approach. Frankly, I’m over the heavy jewelry look. I don’t care much that Jason Wu’s choice of dangling, rocky earrings looked fab on the runway — I’ll take a dainty necklace and bracelet over the chunky counterpart any day of the week.

Springtime is also the season for celebrating a lighter and breezier look. The scarves, beanies and gloves get put away and replaced with shorts, capris and tanks. As I rid myself of those winter layers, I’m excited to put together some airy, feminine outfits — and I need the jewelry to match. So here are my classic Chamilia jewelry picks for spring, all priced $50 or less.

The Studs to Make You Smile

I wear lots of studs, mostly because I don’t like the stretched earlobe look. These little guys are sterling silver, lightweight and perfect for a relaxing spring day. Pair them with a casual updo or pontyail and baseball cap to spread the cheer.

Ring Leader

This season, try swapping out the old bracelet stack for a mix-n-match of feminine rings. Chamilia’s birthstone ring ($50) is one of my favorites, as it’ll add a nice pop of color to your assortment. Other styles that are easy to stack include the Live, Laugh, Love Ring ($35) and the One Thousand Wishes Ring ($30).

Two Chains in One

Every girl needs a good neck chain. This sterling silver piece offers an extra shiny design, plus an adjustable feature. Shorten the length for your off-shoulder tops, or adjust it up to 22 inches and pair it with a plunging neckline.

A Charm Fit for a Princess

Tiaras remind me of playing princess as a kid. Do you remember? Borrowing some of mom’s lipstick and trying to walk around in her heels…and feeling the prettiest girl in the world.

Sadly, as grown-ups, it’s odd to wear a tiara on your head unless it’s your wedding day. This cute, sterling silver tiara charm is a nice — and socially acceptable — substitute to recreate that childhood playtime magic.

Therapy Bangle

Here’s a confession: I have to work hard at staying calm when life throws me surprises. Once my brain kicks into worry mode, I have trouble shaking it off. So I’m always a fan of keeping a motivational message nearby to remind me that stuff happens and life goes on. And that’s why this sterling silver bangle bracelet makes my wish list. It’s therapeutic and stylish — an incredibly useful combo!

What’s on your jewelry wish list for spring? Let us know in the comments!


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