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Spring Jewelry Trends: Which to Wear & Which to Ignore

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Fashion designers will have you wearing 12-inch dangling earrings and thick charms this season, but I’m taking a different approach. Frankly, I’m over the heavy jewelry look. I don’t care much that Valentino models wore giant, chunky hoops on the runway or that Sonia Rykel models draped charmed body chains across their torsos. I’ll take a dainty necklace and bracelet over the chunky counterpart any day of the week.

Springtime is also the season for celebrating a lighter and breezier look. The scarves, beanies and gloves get put away and replaced with shorts, capris and tanks. As I rid myself of those winter layers, I’m excited to put together some airy, feminine outfits — and I need the jewelry to match.

Spring Jewelry Trends to Love

That’s not to say the spring jewelry trends are totally worthless. A few are worthy of attention — especially the ones that can inspire a lighter, more wearable look. Here are my favorites.

Charms and coins

Coins and fun charms dangled from everything on the SS/19 runways — from clothes to body chains. The beauty of this trend is that you can make it entirely your own.

Want to wear kiddo charms because you’re a proud momma? Go for it. Feel like wearing your grandma’s ring on a chain around your neck? Yes to that. Or, inspired to pick up some random and inexpensive charms at Michael’s to make your own custom piece? Do it.

And you don’t have to stick to charmed necklaces either. Try wearing those charms on your bracelets, earrings, anklets and belts. Above is a charmed ring by Ileana Makri — I couldn’t tell you how comfortable it is to wear, but it sure looks cute.

New Hoops

Givenchy, Nina Kastens, Marni and others restyled the classic hoop for spring/summer 2019. This is a welcome update — any new spin on a classic is sure to be a conversation starter. Square hoops, sideways hoops, abstract hoops are all on the table.

Chamilia 2
Malev Hoop Earring, $75, Ana Luisa Jewelry

I’ve been wearing these Malev hoops by Ana Luisa on replay — they’re lightweight and beautiful. The hammered finish adds extra shine and the square shape is an interesting upgrade from the round hoop.

You could style these with anything but your gym outfit. They’re casual enough for jeans but can step up and hang with a cocktail dress.


I’ve always loved a delicate bit of ankle jewelry, even when anklets were very much out of style. It’s great to have them back on the “in-circle” even if most of us will avoid the chunky logo a la Versace. Instead, reach for dainty pieces that don’t overshadow our sandals or pedicure.

This piece by Candela doubles up on the spring jewelry trends with a charm-like design. The colored stones are rock quartz and blue topaz.


The heart trend is spreading love to sunglasses and your favorite jewelry pieces this spring. Escada used the heart in a big — literally — way by featuring the love shape in a chunky iteration on bracelets and necklaces.

Bauble Bar heart inspired earrings
Andre Heart Drop Earrings, $14, Bauble Bar

You might prefer heart-inspired pieces that are more down-to-earth. And you’d be in luck, because they’re easy to find. Take a peek at Bauble Bar for several affordable but impactful styles.


Pearls never really go out of style, but they do step in and out of the limelight. Right now is definitely an in-moment for gemstone, thanks to appearances on the Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Prabal Gurung runways.

Make the pearl trend your own with modern, fun styles. Or, if you love the classic appeal of a strand or stud earrings, choose pieces that look opulent. That way, you’ll sidestep the only potential pitfall of wearing pearls — they can sometimes look dated and/or cheap.

Spring Jewelry Trends to Ignore

The runways always usher in looks that are either too inconvenient or too over-the-top for most of us. This season is no exception. I’m going to take a hard pass on rings that cover the whole hand, massively blinged-out earrings and the aforementioned body chain.

What’s on your jewelry wish list for spring? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you to Ana Luisa Jewelry for providing the Malev hoop earrings featured in this post.

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Thursday 19th of December 2019

Loved Versace bracelet and Chanel handbags! :)

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