How to Wear Statement Sneakers

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Three outfits with statement sneakers

So I’m walking through DSW — which was wholly my husband’s idea by the way — and I see an entire row dedicated to what I’ll call statement sneakers. Sneakers with patterns, sneakers with embroidery, sneakers with bling, sneakers with platforms and on and on. And I’m immediately inspired and intrigued. Inspired, because the statement sneaker is such a simple way to step up a jeans-and-tee combo. And intrigued, because I’m wondering if I can find a similar pair in the clearance section.

DSW's selection of statement sneakers

The shoe gods were looking out for me that day, because I certainly did find what I was looking for on the sale rack — a black pair of Steve Madden slip-ons with a big, colorful flower embroidered on the vamp. I don’t care that embroidery is less hot than it once was, either. Those babies came home with me and, thankfully, my hubby also found the dress shoes he was after.

Mostly Basics + A Few Statements

Statement sneakers fall right into my style sweet spot. Frankly, you could easily accuse me of being a lazy stylist, and I would take that as a compliment. I don’t like to get too fussy about my clothes — I want my wardrobe to be as easy as it is affordable. My modus operandi is to stock up on basics and invest in a few statement pieces to pull everything together.

So, I can and will wear these sneaks with jeans, belt and a long-sleeved tee shirt this fall. And no one will notice that said long-sleeved tee came from the $5 rack at H&M last spring. Or, that I’ve been wearing the same jeans for the past five years. But I guarantee, people will ask me about the shoes.

It’s not my nature to limit any garment or accessory to one type of outfit, though. In that vein, let’s set aside the jeans-and-tee combo for a sec and look at a few other ways to wear statement sneakers — using pieces you may already have in your closet.

3 Statement Sneakers Outfits

Taking the Edge Off Vegan leather pants paired with statement sneakers

The obvious shoe choice for a pair of vegan leather leggings is heels. But you know, some days I don’t take myself that seriously. I prefer anchoring this outfit with sneakers for a more down-to-earth vibe. I do live in the Missouri countryside after all and there’s literally no place nearby that requires heels.

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