How to Find Wide Calf Boots

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

I really need your help. Even though I wear a clothing size 12, I have VERY wide calves (plus size- about the size of someone who wears a size 16 to 18). I would love to be able to to find a stylish pair of wide calf boots to wear this winter. Help!

Answer: Finding awesome wide calf boots is a common problem facing many women- not just plus size women. Muscle-bound fashionistas also have a hard time findingboots that fit their wider calves. Fortunately, there’s a ton of options, especially if you’re willing to turn your search for wide calf boots online.

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How to Find Wide Calf Boots

widecalf boots
I believe that having shapely, feminine legs is totally a good thing, but I also know that having wide calfs can be a major pain. Skinny jeans don’t fit right, and worst of all, it’s tough to find a pair of boots that fit without cutting off your circulation. Here are a few pointers on finding boots to fit your wide calves:

1. Have your feet and calves accurately measured to ensure a proper fit. And yes, you can have your calves measured.

2. Try on the boots with what you’ll be wearing them with most often. If you plan on pairing yours with jeans, wear your skinnies while you shop. If you want to dress them up with tights and a skirt, step into the store wearing that outfit.

3. Don’t be afraid to shop online, as many retailers and designers offer a plethora of wide calf boots at great prices. Just make sure the description says “wide calf” and make sure to check the description to see the circumference of the boot shaft (look for shafts of 15 inches+). n Don’t just guess based on the photo.

4. A shoemaker may be able to stretch a leather boot an inch or two for added comfort, but don’t buy one that doesn’t get over your calf in hopes of a cobbler making it fit. You should already be able to get the boot on and zip it up, but a professional can give you a more comfortable fit.

5. Try boots that combine leather with a stretchy fabric in order to give you more room. Brands like Flip Flop, Stuart Weitzman, Munro, and Steve Madden all have versions of the stretchy fabric + leather boot combo.

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Where to Find Wide Calf Boots

Your best bet for wide calf boots is to try online stores like Barefoot tess, DSW online, Lane Bryant and Zappos, who also have a solid collection of wide calf boots. When shopping in your local mall, look for boots with stretchy materials like micro-suede and for slouchy styles that tend to a bit roomer in the calves.

Where to find Wide Calf boots on the Cheap
Looking for a solid pair of wide calf boots for under $100, try stores like Avenue, Burlington Coat factory and Payless. Most will NOT be made of leather, but you can find some solid pleather and micro suede options. Also try Victoria’s Secret, their private label Colin Stuart has cute wide calf boots for around the $100 mark (but again, probably not leather)

Pricey, but more stylish widec calf boots:
wide calf boots

Penny Boot by Sam Edelman, $169.95 at Nordstrom.
Due Tall Stretch Boot by Flipflop, $274.95 at Nordstrom (Kathryn’s note: pricey, sure. but EXTREMELY comfortable).


Addison Boot by Born, $260 at Zappos
Camper Annie Brook, $192.99 at ZapposRose Petals Tera, $212.99 at Zappos
Trask Jordan Boots, $378 at Zappos

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  • <a href="">wide shaft

    Very helpful tips

  • Tevin

    Here is another tip that includes a lot of different kind of wide calf boots styles:

  • mcarmon

    Thanks for these tips!  I have been looking for another pair of wide leg boots for 3 years and couldn’t find a pair in the store.  I purchased the Shyloh Brown Pleather Wide Leg Boots from Zappos that you recommended.  I ordered them yesterday morning, didn’t have to pay shipping or tax, and they arrived this evening.  I definitely think this was a good deal.

  • missy005

    I just ordered the Ayla Mayfair style in 17” calf size.  They fit great and zip up with no problem!  The only issue is that I’m hard on shoes, so the toe is already wearing out.  I think it is the way I walk though.  The leather is soft!!!

  • amy

    In addition to all of the suggestions above (Zappos, Duo, etc.), J. Crew has several very nice boot styles that they offer in regular and “extended calf” sizes.

  • pam

    Have been looking for boots for my big calfs for years. Don’t want trendy platform 6” heeled boots.
    Want QUALITY, CLASSIC design in brown and black.I am at the point where price is not a major concern, other than i am not willing to fly to England to get them custom made. Any suggestions???

  • Laura Schooler

    You should also check out Ayla Boots ( – they make tall leather boots made-to-order that are stylish, affordable (less than $200), and fit “athletic” calves!

    The company is based in the UK but ships from Texas.

  • I have a 19 inch calf (athletic + genetic= big calves!!) and have a heck of a time. I must have ordered 20 pairs of boots, and been unhappy with most. Sorry, I just don’t think $250.00 boots should feel like cardboard, just because they’re in a larger calf size!
    I finally got a pair of Eddie Bauer tall dress boots that fit, and are of a nice quality leather for about $230. I’d buy a lot more boots if I could fit into them, and they didn’t look like crud!! (OK, price matters too…)
    Thanks for all the great references above!!

  • Liz

    Awesome blog topic! As I was gearing up for the winter season, I thought I had to confine myself to ankle boots (I’m a 14” calf, so mid-calf), but now I know better! Budget Fashionista, I can’t thank you enough.

  • Moviegirlerica

    I wanted to share my happiness about a place I found for wide calf boots after searching for years. I found them at since they sell the greatest wide calf boots! I just got my second pair of boots with a wide calf circumference from them and I have NEVER been able to find a pair of boots before in my life! They have fashionable styles – all the stuff that the skinny calf women are wearing! Their customer service department is great too! they answer you within a few hours and they are very nice and helpful. Every boot on their site comes only for wide calves so you don’t waste your time looking through sites to find out that nothing will fit you. I never thought I’d be able to find a pair for my big legs and I also wear a wide width too.. as if one thing wasn’t enough. What a great place to shop – you’ll love their stuff.

  • Samantha

    I work for a great online company called Plus in Boots who specialise in high quality wide – calf boots, and offer the largest calf size in the UK.

    Check out the website: They have a great new range for Autumn/Winter 2007, which will be on the site shortly.

  • Siobhan

    I get all my boots from Evans it a British store.
    They are eally wide and comfy

  • Jessica

    Please please please check out a website called Duo of Bath.  The site is from the UK and makes, yes makes, the boots to order in shoe size and calf width-from skinny to elephant like Like me!).  Not cheap but I have many pairs and the oldest being over 4 years old.  Never had a problem with them, great quality and oh my god they fit!!!

  • sharona

    (Sorry for multiple comments.)

    Also, (Europe only, apparently), who have boots with calf width at every centimeter from 30cm-50cm (12-19.5”).

  • Sharona is another good source for wide calf boots.

  • ab

    the original letter-writer also should note that the size of your calves doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your dress size.  a person may have large calves from being an athlete or from genetics.

  • Quiana

    You should try as all their shoes and boots are designed to fit a larger calf as well as a wider foot. HTH!

  • sloane

    you should check out nine west’s botamy boots on zappos as well. i ordered them and the calf was way too big for me, but the leather was good quality and they were very comfortable to walk in.

  • coco

    I have the same problem so when I find boots I really love I often make them a project.  I buy them as long as they can zip 3/4 of the way up and then I wear then around the house until the top leather stretches out.  Either that or I take them to my shoe guy to stretch out on his machine-at least in LA there are a ton of shoe repairmen.

  • You can also have the calves of leather boots stretched.  Sacco Shoes (in NY) stretched the calf of my boots 1.5” for free.

  • Brenda

    Excellent brands for wide calf boots are Bandolino and Moda Spana.  This season I bought the Bandolino Crochet boot in black suede and brown leather.

  • Lisa

    I’ve just recently seen that Lands End is offering boots in a wide calf size.  There is a cute pair of red sherpa-like snow boots that were recently pictured in In-Style.  They also have more traditional styles.  As a bonus, I believe they are on sale!

  • TBF

    Yep.. gussets work as well- but unfortunately cobblering (is that a word?) is a dying art form.

  • I buy my stretch boots from Burlington Coat Factory.  I always buy them at the very beginning of the season (Aug/Sept) or the very end (Mar).  I’ve never paid more than $50 for them.