The Lug Boots Trend for Under $45

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The boot is back. We’re not talking about sleek, sexy boots either (though we like those too). This season, it’s all about the chunky lug boot — the footwear that’s weather-ready, edgy and comfortable all at the same time.

And before you have a panic attack because you don’t own flannel shirts or overalls, take a deep breath. It’s OK. There’s a softer, more versatile side of this workhorse boot, which means you definitely can pair them with blazers, dresses, skirts and more.

Our Budget Lug Boot Picks

Burgundy on a Budget

Lug boots in colors that are not black and brown are hard to find on a budget. We love this rich burgundy tone for fall, and love the sub-$30 price point even more. The black ankle padding on this shoe keeps your feet protected from rain and snow, while providing a nice contrast for the burgundy.

Wear these boots with a skirt and tights or skinny pants. Or, if you’re really feeling tough, slip on faux leather leggings and half-tuck a rayon, button-down blouse. Tousle your hair a little and, guaranteed, no one will mess with you all day.

Heeled and Zipped

This pair from Target is the femme version of the work boot. It delivers height, versatility, warmth and a bit of sexiness in one package. The heel is about 3 inches, so you can wear these to work or even church. The zipper detail is cool, but we really like the crushed velvet shoelaces. They add a nice depth and uniqueness to this boot.

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