4 Reasons Kitten Heels Are Awesome for the Workplace

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Kitten heels get a bad rap from bloggers who insist women should be wearing a higher heel. Let’s face it: not everyone can pull off a 5-inch heel, and not everyone who can wants to. There’s a time and a place for every shoe. And in a work environment, high heels can be hazardous and restricting. Don’t believe the hype — you don’t need a higher heel for a polished look. Here’re four reasons why kitten heels are awesome for the workplace.

Kitten Heels are Easy to Walk In

neutral kitten heel

 Nine West Leather Kitten Heel, $29.99, Saks 5th Avenue

If your job requires a lot of moving around, wearing high heels every day can lead to serious problems in the long run. If you want a heel that won’t limit your walking ability, a lower heel is often the answer. This kitten heel from Saks Fifth Avenue is lightly padded, and the heel is only 2 inches high. Whether you’re walking briskly from building to building or darting to catch a train, the smaller heel makes all that movement easier. There’s no shame in it! These nude kitten heels are just as cute as a higher heel would be. If you need some added comfort, use a shoe insert inside to support the foot.

Kitten Heels Can Pretend to be Taller


 14th & Union Trista Open Toe Sandal, $39.97, NordstromRack.com

For a shorter heel that gives the illusion of a taller heel, choose a kitten heel with an ankle strap. The lower heel plus the buckle at the ankle that keeps your shoe in place while you walk make for a very stable walking shoe. This open-toed heel from the Nordstrom Rack has a small shell around the heel for added comfort.

Kitten Heels are an Alternative to Flats


pink suede kitten heels on white background

 Avery Low Wedges, $39.99, EasySpirit.com

There’s nothing wrong with wearing flats, but if you’re getting bored with your flat collection, it’s easy to transition into a kitten heel. Some even look like flats, like this from Easy Spirit — they actually have a 1 1/4-inch heel, which is enough to add a bit of sway to your step! Even better, this shoe comes in 15 colors and wide sizes. A lightweight kitten heel like this can be worn to the office almost all year around.

A Pointed Toe is Always on Point

 Desi Heels, $34.98, SoleSociety.com

Another reason to love kitten heels is that many of them come in a classic, pointed toe. There is a multi-generational love for this style, because it’s simple and so ready-to-wear. These modern green plaid shoes from Sole Society are work- and play-friendly. And, plaid is perfect for the fall, but can be worn year around too. If you have a good amount of solid colors in your wardrobe, there’s nothing better than a cute shoe to add a pop of personality to an outfit.

What do your kitten heels look like?