The Bold and Beautiful: SS17 Accessories for Women

collage of bold accessories for women

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New York Fashion Week has long gone, and we’re still processing! Pouring over the photos, reading the write-ups, we’re still trying to figure out the big takeaways for SS17. (Besides another confirmation that Kanye West loves talking about himself!) While the clothing designs were all over the place, one trend does stand out: the big and bold accessory.

The Latest in Accessories for Women

The New York runways delivered over-the-top accessories in force, from oversized, patterned earrings and vibrant red belts by Balenciaga to bright orange headphones and bizarre statement caps by Maison Margiela. Mimicking these looks too closely will earn you some raised eyebrows from co-workers and fellow PTA moms….but if you’re ready to channel the trend with wearable versions, we have four options you can start with today.

Option 1. Chunky Cuff Bracelets

Skip anything dainty or delicate and reach for cuff bracelets. Alexander McQueen adorned his NYFW models with heavy metal cuffs spanning several inches toward the elbow, on both arms. You can get a toned down version of the look by dressing up just one wrist with two or three chunky cuff bracelets. Luxury designer watches also play well in this trend — trying pairing your watch with your a cuff or two to create a statement stack.


For daytime looks, you can be more aggressive with mixing and matching metals and colors in your bracelet stack. In the evening, pair a thick set of arm candy with a more understated outfit and let the jewelry do the talking.