A Briefcase for the Modern Woman (4 Awesome Ideas Under $50)

We recently covered work bags — you know, the big bag/purse that holds your essentials + a laptop, notepad and maybe a few project files. If you’re craving more structure than a tote or backpack, then a briefcase may be just the thing. A briefcase for women, you ask? I know “briefcase” is something of a dated word with masculine undertones, but hey, so what. The briefcase does work for the modern fashionista, and I’ve got four affordable options below to prove it.

#1 Briefcase for Women: Slouchy Boho

This bag is stylish and has a bit of an old-world vibe. The brown and green are an earthy combination, and the two textures, canvas, and faux leather look awesome with the gold buckles, handle, and detachable strap links. Inside you’ll find four pockets and enough room for a laptop and more. The outside zipper pocket is perfect for a small wallet or even a notebook. This bag also comes with a removable strap for extra functionality.


 Hynes Eagle Retro Business Briefcase, $49.99, Amazon.com

#2 Briefcase Pick: Workplace Royalty

This beauty case comes with a wallet, it’s extremely feminine and it can double as one of your regular handbags. Things I love about this bag:

  • The high-quality faux leather is luxurious and will bring life to your whole overall look.
  • The gold contrast is regal and very classy.
  • The gray wallet is perfect for a quick lunch trip.
  • The top zipper closure on the main briefcase adds some added security to your most personal belongings.

The bag is available in five amazingly vibrant colors.  Because it’s so versatile and dynamic, you’ll use it for weekends, day trips or date nights.

 Dasein Faux Buffalo Briefcase with Removable Shoulder Strap and Buckle Wallet, $44.99, Overstock.com



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