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Hats: Trends for Fall

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If you don’t think hats are an essential part of the layering game, it’s time to get with the program. Besides adding another element to a well-curated ensemble, these accessories can hide a bad hair day and keep you warm. Forgo the hat, and a lot of heat is lost through the top of your head in the cooler months. (It’s science–look into it.) If you want to keep toasty when things turn arctic, you’ll want to stock up on headwear.

To maintain your style-star status, it’s not the average knit beanie and scarf set you should be pulling out. Today, there’s much chicer options to be had. Felted wools, cashmere, leather and more all make our list of must-haves.

Constructed from luxe, feel-good fabrics at incredible prices, these festive and fabulous picks upgrade brisk and boring days with a head-turning piece de resistance.

The Wool Fedora

A celebrity favorite, this chapeau is perfectly suited to cap off all of your seasonal flares and denim trousers. Wide-brimmed and floppy or banded and structured, this timeless style is one you’ll pull out season after season (hello festival looks!) for Hollywood-esque polish through any activity.

The real bonus? These babies help to deflect snowfall and sprinkles on misty mornings when you’re without an umbrella.

The Newsboy Hat

There’s been all sorts of unexpected spins on this old-school menswear favorite. Thanks to Kate Moss’s H&M line especially, this borrowed-from-the-boys style isn’t just constructed from plaid wool or herringbone fabrics anymore. Now, you can find it in street-savvy nylon iterations, mixed-media options and more.

Our preferred wear? With your silky blouse and skinny scarf look.

The Beret

Feeling a little French? You’ve likely donned this sweet style as a child, and frankly, we are so here to bring it back. Upgrade your beanie days with a luxurious cashmere beret and smart sophistication will be yours.

The Baseball Cap

Not your standard team number, this season’s baseball caps are crafted from cool fabrics like leather. Toss trucker hats aside–these elevated versions feature sliding backs (no cheesy snaps here!) and unique textures for an unexpected edge.

When you want to stir up a sporty appearance without, you know, the cheap sport styling, this is your dream. Plus, they look amazing with all of the minimal pieces (and sneaks) already in your closet.

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