Staying out of Treble: Music-Inspired Bling Under $50

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Ah, music.  From gym playlists to concerts, tunes that let us get our groove on are always good in our book.  Whether we’re chatting about Beyonce’s use of the “B-word” in her latest song “Bow Down,” reminiscing about music from back in the day (oh boy, that would be Def Leppard, Belinda Carlisle and Eddie Money for me) or excited about checking out a new local band, one thing’s certain: our enjoyment of music never goes away.

Music defines us.  Many of my junior high memories are of playing the cello in school and getting hooked on REO Speedwagon and Cyndi Lauper.  Of course, like many girls back then, I knew I’d eventually exchange vows with Rick Springfield.  Well, perhaps Jack Wagner – remember his song, “All I Need” and his GH character Frisco?  Sigh.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was an eargasm before “eargasm” was even a word and anyone wearing plastic “Madonna” bracelets was in touch with their inner material girl.  “Eye of the Tiger” was fierce enough to make my grandmother tap her toes.  I recall (somewhat embarrassingly) blasting Air Supply as my friend MaryAnn and I used the handles of a jump rope as a “microphone,” her at one end and me at the other, belting out lyrics that stopped only when our Strawberry Quik sugar highs did.

Don’t even get me going on concerts and my ever-changing tastes in music.  My first concert was in high school – a late 80s Scorpions show.  A decade after, I enjoyed a Judy Collins performance.  (Is it too much to admit to still singing “Send in the Clowns” in the shower?  I mean, tile echos make everyone sound awesome).  These days, I’m enjoying the cool tunes of The Slakas, a terrific classic rock cover band based out of southern New Hampshire (Billy Squier, Foreigner, Heart . . . ).  My iPod?  Wow.  It has everything from Disturbed and Jewel to Bruno Mars and Bocelli.

See what we mean?  The very mention of the word “music” brings back memories and makes us want to crank up the tunes.

To publicly declare our love of toe-tappin,’ hip shakin’ goodness past and present, we found 15 pieces of music-inspired jewelry.  They’re fun to wear and and at under $50, that’s music to our ears.

Music-Inspired Accessories on a Budget

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What music bling makes your heart skip a beat?

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