Winter Sunglasses — Gorgeous Styles to Keep Your Eyes Protected from the Sun (and to Up Your Style Game)

Woman wearing sunglasses

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Woman wearing sunglasses

Did you know the earth is closest to the sun in early-January? It’s true! Despite January being the dead of winter in the Western hemisphere, the sun’s elliptical orbit brings that fiery star closest to our planet about two weeks after the December Solstice. In 2020, that magical date is January 5 — at 1:47am CST, to be exact.

You know I’m going to use this fact to justify a new pair of sunnies — you’d expect nothing less, I’m sure. But there’s a safety concern as well as style one. When the sun is closer, it’s brighter. And a brighter sun can increase the risk of sun damage to your eyes and decrease your visibility, particularly when driving.

So stay safe and get yourself a pair of sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Here are five picks I’m shopping now.

Winter Sunglasses We Love

1. Wood look alikes

These sunnies from Arise Collection feature a green-tinted lenses and an acetate frame with a wood-grain design. I’d pull these out as daily drivers, thanks to their neutral coloring and classic styling. The variation in the frame paired with those green lenses makes for an interesting combo that’s subtle enough to wear every day.

2. Modern cat-eyes

I absolutely adore these cat-eyes! The gray-on-gray frame with purple lenses has a glamorous, old Hollywood feel. And that’s magnified by the size of these — they’ll be big on your face in a Jackie O kind of way. Thankfully, they don’t come with a Jackie O price tag.

You can get this style as prescription sunglasses, too.

3. Blacked-out aviators

You can’t really go wrong with aviators. Everyone wears them and they look nice on any shape of face. I like the black-on-black styling as an alternative to the usual gold frame and green-tinted lens aviator, a la Maverick in Top Gun. This is a unisex style, so they might feel big if you have a small face.

4. The color purple

Ideal for a small, roundish face, these sleek glasses with purple frames deliver fun style that’s not over the top. Pair them with a pony tail and your favorite neutral lip color for your casual errand days. The frames are a sturdy and lightweight plastic.

5. Squares

These oversized sunglasses from Lilly Pulitzer have a movie-star shape and colorful arms — for the fashion gal who likes glam but doesn’t want to take herself too seriously. The square design will add much-needed angles to a round face. Try these on any occasion and wear them with your best smile.

See more fun winter sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses.

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