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4 Mini Handbag Picks for Under $35

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Who says you need to bare it all to turn up the sex appeal? Sure, you could wear body-hugging fabrics and flash some skin when you’re feeling seductive — that’s guaranteed to turn heads. But for me, as an older woman (48 but not counting), I feel kind of silly wearing short hemlines and open-back dresses. Maybe it’s my own hangup, but the conventional approach to dressing sexy just isn’t my vibe. I’d rather lean on accessories to hint at my flirty side. That means a sexy heel, an anklet, a bold hoop earring, or even a mini handbag.

Why mini handbags? For one, French girls love them. And who’s better at everyday sex appeal than French fashion girls? Anyone you could name — Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, Hayley Hughes — has probably also been spotted carrying a tiny bag. Admittedly, some A-listers take the trend too far, carrying a bag that only holds a single Mento.

But even a practically sized mini bag speaks of confidence, and confidence is sexy. When you grab that little purse, you’re telling the world you need nothing more than a lip color, ID, and credit card. Oh, and your phone, just in case your car breaks down. Safety first!

Reality TV star Hayley Hughes and JUSTYOUROUTFIT

Hughes recently teamed up with JUSTYOUROUTFIT to model the retailer’s summer line-up. That line-up includes, among other things, a collection of sexy and affordable mini handbags.

If you’re not familiar with Hughes, you can see in the images below that she’s something of a sexpot. As a day job, Hughes models in the U.K., but she has also appeared on the British reality series Love Island. Love Island contestants have to couple up or risk getting kicked off the show for remaining single. In Hughes’ case, she did couple up right away, but was voted off the show anyway. Sadly, her fellow contestants deemed her and her beau as the show’s “least compatible” couple.


JUSTYOUROUTFIT is a U.K. retailer featuring casual, flirty styles at super affordable price points. We’re talking shoes for $20, dresses and tops for $30, and coordinating sets for $40. JUSTYOUROUTFIT is also the sponsor of this post and our summer style giveaway. You can shop JUSTYOUROUTFIT at or on the ASOS Marketplace.

4 Sexy Mini Handbags

Here’s a look at those Hayley Hughes modeled mini handbags, aka the sexiest accessory of the summer.

Pair this darling bag with an all-black outfit for an unexpected twist, or carry it on the daily to dress your shorts-and-t outfits. The shape catches the eye and the soft pink color is oh-so-flirty. Hold it by the handles or add the included crossbody strap for hands-free convenience.

The bag’s best quality might be the price point. Regularly it’s $30, but you can grab it on sale right now for less than $23.

A shiny white bag always makes a bold evening statement, especially when paired with darker colors like navy, olive green, or charcoal grey. Or, try this bag as a foil to your summer daytime dresses. The crocodile imprint and structured design blend well with your dressier ensembles, but can also elevate any casual outfit. Pick this bag up for the sale price of $22.68!

The simple black box style adorned with a gold ring handle is a winning style combo. And at the sale price of $19, you might want two of these grab bags. Reach for it on nights out — that’s a no-brainer — but carrying it when you’re dressed down in jeans is one way to nail that off-duty-model vibe.

The crocodile imprint, gold buckle detail, and a tortoise-shell chain strap work together beautifully in this white bag. Carry it on the weekends and no one’s likely to notice anything else you’re wearing (unless you mimic Hughes and don a long-sleeved crop, in which case your sculpted abs might steal attention from your cute bag). This is one of those pieces I’ll call an outfit maker, because it can turn even the simplest ensembles into a pulled-together look.


Love these looks? Enter for your chance to win a £100 voucher to JUSTYOUROUTFIT. Win and you could buy all these mini bags!

Want to see more mini bags? See our post on mini backpacks and channel your inner Cher Horowitz.

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